Leather sofas do give off a luxurious and elegant impression. Thus why a leather sofa is usually much more expensive than a regular sofa. The reason is not only because of the luxurious vibe it has but because this furniture also tends to last longer than the regular fabric did. Ensuring that you take good and correct care of your leather sofa is important. Because if you do it wrongly, your leather sofa will be damaged more easily. So, to keep your leather sofa looking new and durable, let’s find out what you should do below!

Types of Leather Materials for Sofas

Before we discuss how to care for leather sofas, it’s good to first understand the types of leather materials that usually used to create home furniture

●      Finished Leather

Sofas with finished leather are more durable because they are not porous. The surface itself is protected by a thick protective layer of polymer and pigment. The purpose of the leather has finished is to embellish the leather, so that it has a specific color and shine.

●      Unfinished Leather

This type of leather material is usually called aniline. This is very suitable if you are looking for a sofa made of pure animal leather that has not been touched by finishing. The expensive price is comparable to the luxuriously soft material that you will get. However, unfinished leather tends to be more sensitive because it is without any protection on the surface, thus you need to be very extra careful when caring for it.

●      Faux Leather Material

The next type of leather material is imitation or synthetic. Usually, this material tends to be stiffer and thicker than the others. One of the popular synthetic materials is oscar material. Its durable and strong material makes it often the ideal choice for imitation leather sofa upholstery.

The Right Way to Take Care of a Leather Sofa

Each type of leather material above needs more or less the same treatment to clean and care for it. Read the following 6 tips on caring for a leather sofa!

1.    Perform routine maintenance

Performing regular maintenance is the key to keeping leather sofas looking new and durable at all times. Although dust is not a definitive source of damage, if the dust settles for too long it can damage your leather sofas. In addition, routine care can help maintain the original color and texture of the leather. Thus, you should perform regular maintenance for maximum results.

2.    Clean with a vacuum cleaner and/or a slight damp cloth

Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft tip to suck up any adhering dust. Do it on the entire surface of the sofa down to the cracks. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the skin.


After that, clean using a slightly damp cloth to wipe the entire surface of the skin. Apply slight pressure while wiping and let it dry on its own. Keep in mind not to use a very damp cloth as this will spread the stain even more.

3.    Use the right cleanser

Don’t be careless in choosing cleaning products for your leather sofa. You have to use cleaning products that are specifically designed for leather. Avoid using detergent to clean leather sofas, because the chemical content in it can damage and leave dark spots on the leather surface of the sofa!

4.    Avoid heat and direct sunlight

To dry a leather sofa, just use paper or a blotting cloth. Avoid drying with hot objects or putting your sofa directly facing the sunlight. Instead of drying it out, using hot temperatures or exposing it to the sun will make your leather sofa crack. In addition, the skin color of it will also fade. A big no if you want to retain your leather sofa for a long time.

5.    Moisturize regularly

It is very important to keep the leather layer of the sofa moist. The reason is, leather sofas are very susceptible to cracking and breaking if they are too dry. Apply a special moisturizer on the entire surface of the skin regularly, once every three months. To do it, you just need to follow the instructions for using the moisturizing product you purchased.

6.    Immediately clean if exposed to stains

When your leather sofa gets stained like spilled food, drinks, and so on, you have to immediately clean it. If it’s left for too long, the stains might stick even more and make it difficult to clean. To clean it, you can just pat the sofa with a slightly damp cloth so the stain is absorbed. Do not rub or wipe as this will only make the stain more widespread.  If the condition of the stain is very serious, immediately contact a professional to clean it.

7.    Avoid sharp objects or pets

Avoid leather sofas from sharp objects and pets, because both are very susceptible to scratching the leather sofa to tear. Well, you can cover the surface of the sofa with a protector to prevent this from happening.



Caring for a leather sofa is not as easy as a sofa with regular fabric. To ensure you can make the best out of your investment after purchasing an expensive leather sofa, once in a while you might want to hire an ad hoc cleaning sg that can help you to take care and maintain the good condition of your leather sofa. Afterall a professional cleaner must have better experience and knowledge in taking care of different upholstery fabric!


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