Slot machines are the most exciting casino games in a pay by phone casino. You can hit the jackpot from the smallest of stakes, and the games require no special skills. 

There are thousands of slot titles, but the big question lingers: how do you find the highest-paying one?

When you’re in the market hunting for the best high-paying slots, there are several factors that you need to consider and things you should do.


The return-to-player percentage is the first and the most important thing when choosing a slot machine with high payouts. This is because the higher the RTP, the more the slot machine pays you back.

The RTP is calculated by the amount a slot machine has paid out over its lifespan in relation to how much the players have paid in the slot. 

For example, if a slot machine has a standard RTP of 95%, then the theory is that if you wager ₤100, you could expect an estimated return in winnings of 95%. The remaining 5% goes to the house. 

A high-paying slot machine should have an RTP of over 96.5%. Ideally, finding a slot with an RTP close to 100% is best. The RTP is usually displayed on the casino’s page.

Use Slot Review sites 

To speed up the process, you can read online slot reviews. A simple search of the highest-paying slot machines will bring a hundred review sites with all the info you need to help pick your next game. You’ll find out how much the slots can pay, the number of reels and paylines, the RTP and where to play. However, it would be best to research on a few sites -trustworthy ones. 

Research Game Developers

Another tip you should take advantage of is researching the different game developers. This helps you find the ones that offer the best RTP percentage. Some of the leading game developers renowned for their high RTPs are NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and Big Time Gaming. 

It’s always advisable to do quick but thorough research to determine which developers have manufactured loose slots that are proven winners for players. 

Use Online Threads or Message Boards

Different sites on the internet have players sharing their experiences of different slot machines in different places. These players unravel slot machines at casinos that have gifted them with high payouts. You can also use their tips to improve your chances of winning at those particular slots. 

Avoid Slots That Hardly Ever Payout

When looking for a high-paying slot, be careful about the RTP. Whilst there are many slot machines with a significant payout percentage, you should also avoid the ones notorious for not paying out.

Along your list that boasts high RTPs, it’s worth blocklisting those that have garnered a reputation for their low RTP.

Now that you know what to look for when hunting for a high-paying slot machine like osrs adamant dragon, so save your time. Use those tips to have the best experience from high payout slots, and remember to use set a budget before playing.


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