Email is one of the most professional channels to connect with someone. Millions of people are using their email accounts to communicate with others. But what should you do when you need to find someone on other platforms as well?


Today, we will cover the same topic that helps you understand how to find someone’s social media profiles by email address. The best thing is that you do not need to worry about following a long process as you just need to perform a search.


We will share the most useful platform to find these details. So, let’s begin and understand the technology that makes it possible.


Email Lookup Service



An email lookup is a tool used to find details associated with an email address. It is designed to help professionals find more details about an unknown email address. Most people use it to track details of a spammer or telemarketer sending spam to their inboxes.


However, there is another use of this service that helps you find social media profiles by email address. To understand how it can track social media accounts, you need to get to the basics of this tool.


It will find every type of available information about the email address no matter if you know them or not. That is why you can run a search query for the email on the email lookup service and find the profile in the search results.


We will do something similar to the above example. However, we will go with an online platform that provides safe and reliable services to do it.





CocoFinder is a web-based search engine that lets you find any public information online. It is used to find information from billions of sources within a few seconds. That is the main reason behind the rise of CocoFinder as the ultimate tool to access public information.


The tool comes with the email lookup service that we will use in this guide. It will help you find the complete details related to that email address conveniently.


You can also learn how to do address lookup and find details of any property conveniently


You are free to choose a similar solution to access the details of an email address. However, we recommend CocoFinder as it comes with an encryption policy that protects your identity from third parties. Additionally, it has a policy that lets you remove any type of public information stored in its database and is connected to you.

Guide to Find Social Media Profile With Email Address


Now let’s discuss the main part where you will learn to find social media profiles using the email address lookup tool.


  • The first step is to access the Email lookup look from CocoFinder’s official website. You can access this tool using the direct link to the service page as well. On the service page, you will find different options to enter information.


  • You need to enter the email address that is associated with the social media profile you are looking for. After entering the email address, hit the search button and wait for the system to generate a report.


  • It will start looking for the relevant information from its database so that you can get reliable results conveniently. After completing the search, it will generate a report with all the required information.


  • Open the report and check the Social Media Profile section to access all the accounts associated with that account. Please know that the information on these accounts comes from connected sources. Therefore, you can always go for the extended search with different email addresses.


After getting the information, you can keep the report or close the tab without leaving any trace of your presence there.


Bonus Method: Using Search Bar of Social Media Platforms


The previous method that we covered lets you find all the associated accounts without searching for them separately. However, there is another option that allows you to find social media profiles conveniently.


To use this method, you need to access the social media platform where you want to access the profile. After that, you can use the search bar of the profile and enter their email address instead of the name or user name.


There are chances that the platform will show you the connected account with that email address. It is because social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat allow you to search for people using their email address as well.


Therefore, it is also an effective way to access this information. The only limitation is that you need to try it out on every platform to find out if they have an account or not.


Which Method is More Effective?


When you try to find social media accounts affiliated with email addresses, you need to consider different factors that might impact the process. Although both these methods are effective in finding social media accounts, using a public information finder makes more sense.


It is because you do not need to worry about searching for the email address on dozens of platforms. Instead, you can run a single query and get the complete results instantly.


Another important factor is privacy that prevents the person from finding out that you are searching for their profile. While some platforms like Facebook do not send an alert, you still face a risk of getting caught while searching for someone on Snapchat. Therefore, using the first method is more reasonable when it comes to finding a social media account.


The only case where searching directly on a social media platform makes sense is when you know there is an account there but you just need to find out the username. Here, you will get the results instantly.


Final Verdict


Finding someone’s social media profile with an email address is easier when you have a proper strategy to do that. We covered the two most reliable methods proven to help in similar situations. Therefore, you can try these methods and find information without letting someone know.



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