How to recruit followers on Instagram? It is a question that interests many novice bloggers. Instagram allows you to quickly get an audience on your blog, only if you follow the rules and create quality content. In short about the social network:

Instagram is a social network and a unique format for communicating with viewers and the opportunity to share your vibrant and interesting life or work with subscribers using photos, vibrant photo collections and short videos.
Possibility to apply different filters, masks on photos. Adding stickers and stories – photos and short videos about everyday life that are not needed to be posted in official profile posts. They are only displayed one day after publication.
Connecting live broadcasts from the front camera of your smartphone and conversing with viewers.
Creating an account using a nickname, username, avatar and description – which helps a lot in promoting an account.
And every opportunity allows you to honestly and without bookmarks to increase the popularity of the account. The main thing is to gather the first 100 and the first thousands of subscribers honestly and then everything will go much faster. On Instagram, this can be done without money investment.
We will take care of all the ways and offer advice on free and original promotion of the pages, attracting additional audience and increasing popularity.
How to gain followers on Instagram live, free from scratch
How to get free Instagram followers? Under no circumstances use the paid promotion methods offered to you on a social network. When you just start your blog, you have a business account, dozens of accounts will be written to you with a proposal to gain 1000 subscribers for a fee and also get free Instagram likes
First tip: never use such methods or scams for a fee. The scam does not lead to anything good, most of these accounts are then banned. These are incomprehensible subscribers, some of them are fake accounts. There are live accounts among them, but they all have different interests. And if you have a thematic and targeted blog or store with a particular product or service, then you are unlikely to keep your audience. Therefore, the paid dialing option is immediately discarded.
The second tip: think about the subject of the profile, analyze:
Analogies – those accounts that are already engaged in this subject. See if they are popular, how many followers they have. Many thematic blogs have long gathered a million followers.
If there are a lot of blogs with such topics, the competition will be tougher. Therefore, think of a chip that will be unique to you: pitch, interactive, new facts. Subscribers like to read the author’s opinion and look at the author’s photos, not the borrowed ones.
If the topic is popular, but you have a chip and uniqueness, then you will “bite” 100% of the audience of other bloggers and you will share this topic with a new audience. And they will go especially to you, and not to others.
Third tip: if you have just started a profile and intend to promote it for business purposes and then make money, make sure you draw up a paper action plan. In the plan, write:
Daily posting schedule.
The subject of each post, hashtags for use under each post.
Briefly describe each post in the next few days, think about topics and play new ones.
Fully open the subject, strictly follow the plan. A clearly defined action plan is already 50% of the work submitted (and successfully completed). And then subscribers who have subscribed because of interest in content will be “live” – ​​that is, interested in your blog.
The third tip:

Try the great app GetInsta. It is an app that helps you to get live and free followers on Instagram.

Download it and you can get 1000 free Instagram followers trial

And it is very simple to use

Step 1: Sign up an account after you download it (it supports Android, Windows and Apple devices)

Step 2: Add you Instagram account

Step 3: Publish tasks to get free Instagram followers and likes.


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