In the world of retail, first impressions count. Even if you have an amazing selection of products or merchandise in your store, it will not matter if you cannot get customers through the door. In contrast, an inventive exhibit of your products can make even the most boring of items seem important in a prospective shoppers’ eyes.

When it comes to the art of retail display, many brands stick to tried and tested methods, such as creating a seasonal window display or using mannequins to show a selection of clothes. However, although these methods have been around for years, these are not the only ways to attract customers into your store.

Research suggests that digital displays are one of the most effective ways of attracting new customers into your store. If you want to increase your store foot traffic, then why not try out some of the digital display ideas we have listed below?

1.      Highlight What Products You Sell

If you are trying to meet quotas or looking to generate product sales, promote those products on digital signage. By advertising these products, you are sharing their importance with your customers. Evidence suggests that in retail settings, 80% of businesses manage to increase their sales by up to 33% using digital signage.

2.      Introduce Yourself to Your Customers

Not all signage has to be sales orientated. In fact, digital signage can also be used to build stronger relationships with your customers. Research has shown that one of the best ways to do this is to introduce yourself to your customers. Sharing information about your business, you as an owner, your employees, and your company’s values help to humanise a business.

3.      Promote Sales or Special Offers

If you have got a cut-price product or service, then make sure you advertise this on your digital signage. Customers who are given access to a special offer at the point of sale are much more likely to spend money.

If you are not sure how to create a digital display that increases store footfall, then contact a business that offers custom signage solutions. They will be able to help you to create amazing digital signs and content that will attract customers through your door. Remember, content is more than just pictures. Every element has a purpose.

4.      Customer Testimonials

One of the best marketing techniques a brand could use is displaying what customers are saying about them. It enables the brand to show the genuineness of the products or services and it delivers the most trustworthy marketing content to its customers.

5.      Promote Your Profitable Services

Research has shown that digital signage not only excels at generating additional revenue but it also excels at upselling customers too. So, it is important to make sure that you promote the most profitable services while explaining the advantages of these services or products to your customers.

6.      Motivational Quotes

Spreading inspiration and positivity is always a popular idea. Exhibiting motivational quotes as digital signage content can help to increase the morale of your customers and your employees. Make sure you schedule your motivational quotes at regular intervals of time to maintain the dynamic character and variety of the digital display.

7.      Promote Your Less Popular Services

Preloaded content usually covers the main services your business offers. But what else does your company offer? Advertising lesser-known services informs your customers what your business is capable of. And the next time they need a service, they might consider paying you a visit.

For many years now, retailers have been dressing window displays with arranged furniture, fanciful scenes, and clothed mannequins, all to gain the attention of potential customers. Almost all retailers have also been known to put up window posters touting special promotions, price discounts, or inventory clearouts.

However, times have now changed. Over the last few years, innovations in storefront advertising have been produced. One of the latest innovations is digital displays. We are seeing retailers of all sizes putting screens in their windows to drive specific goals like increased sales and foot traffic, holistic branding, and improved shopper experience. If you want to increase the footfall in your store, then why not try out some of the digital display ideas we have listed above?



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