Power outages can be annoying, especially when we have a lot of work to do. When we lose power, maybe due to extreme weather or a transformer malfunction, our internet-connected devices may be unavailable for the outage duration.  Though power companies try to keep their customers supplied all the time using technology to re-route the power if a problem comes up, some outages may still occur, resulting in our homes and businesses being plunged into darkness for hours. Many of us have our lives tied to our internet broadbands, and having it go out can cause a lot of trouble. In most cases, internet-delivered via fiber or cable should be available. If your internet service provider suffers an outage, they usually have backup generators. The internet line usually has backup generators along its length. Your satellite internet should not be affected by a power outage.

Here are a few ways to stay connected during a disruption of power;

  • If it is a short power outage, let’s say less than an hour, then having all your tech connected on a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) can go a long way to save you from the distress of losing power. This system essentially acts as a backup battery that charges itself while the power is on and starts when it is cut off. It is only intended to keep you online long enough to save any work you have been doing. A longer run time would require a more expensive UPS.
  • An extended blackout would mean you will require a generator. If you have enough fuel, this can keep you connected indefinitely. However, one major consideration is the generator’s output, as it may not be powerful enough to supply your other household appliances.
  • You might likely have wireless phone service in your home, and assuming you have a charged battery, your smartphone can be used to tether a laptop to give it access to the internet. Remember that you would be using data, which can get pricey if you do not have an unlimited plan.
  • Using mobile broadband. This essentially works like tethering, but with a dedicated device that connects you via a mobile signal instead of using your phone.

It always pays to be ready in the event of a power outage. Make sure to have charged and ready outboard batteries for your smartphone. These are not very expensive to get so that you can purchase three or four beforehand. They can restore your phone to a full charge in no time at all. You can also invest in extra batteries for your laptop to keep yourself connected to broadband at all times. You can also consider getting reliable mobile broadband if you are worried that you may need to have your laptop tethered during an outage. There is a wide array of internet broadband to choose from if you have trouble picking the right one. Comparison tools like, can help choose the best plan for your needs.



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