Gaming is an escape for many around the world. It lets them find both entertainment and solace while they compete for the top spot. Some of the best games today are multiplayer titles in which gamers play with other like-minded players. One such title is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Released in 2012, it attracts millions who aim to be crowned the victor. However, aside from the fun and games, you can also make money in CS:GO. Most commonly, this is thanks to the various items’ skins. Here’s how to earn money with skin sales on CS:GO. 

Opportunity to Earn from 5 USD to Several Thousand

Selling CS:GO skins range from being a hobby to something that makes you thousands of dollars. The game has weapon skins, each having a different monetary value based on rarity. The skin you get is a gamble, however, because you can’t know if your new skin is worth anything. It only takes $2.49 to purchase a key from the Valve Steam Market that enables you to get the skin. The overall process resembles Canadian websites available for new players who benefit from various gains for small stakes, and it gives you an opportunity to get a jackpot or a skin worth thousands of dollars! Unlike 5 dollar deposit casino sites though you get the reward in skins only, and it’s rather complicated to convert them into real cash.

Selling Skins on Marketplaces

It’s not possible to sell your skins for cash directly on Steam. Instead, whatever money is deposited into your account gets converted into credits. These can be traded to get other games or items. The problem is that you can’t convert the credits back to cash.

However, the platform’s open API lets Canadian players transfer their items to a marketplace. There, they can decide whether to trade skins or sell them for real money. One such site is OPSkins which works much like eBay. It is a peer-to-peer platform, allowing Canadians to buy and sell items very easily. Sites like this also bypass the $400 limit that Valve has in place for Steam, so they can trade items for whatever price they set. 

Skins Gambling

Everyone knows how popular online gaming has become in the past few years. Thanks to esports, video games are watched across the globe by millions. Just like regular sports, people love to bet on games and earn cash as a result. With CS:GO, many fans bet their in-game cosmetic items as opposed to money on the outcome of games. Since every skin has its value, people use them instead of real money. So, if you are not a high-roller you have a choice to stake your unwanted cheap skins which reminds of a $5 minimum deposit in an online casino.

CSGO Lounge is a popular site where skins are accepted as bets on Twitch games that you watch live. This phenomenon is known as Skins Gambling and is a great way to make profits from Counter Strike. However, this is not allowed in every country. Different nations put restrictions on gambling with skins, including Canada, so some research is always good. 

Skins as a Virtual Currency Itself

Skins were added to Counter-Strike in 2013 as cosmetic items. The developers did not create character skins since this is a first-person shooter game. So, weapon skins came out as a way of customizing your gameplay a little. They don’t have any effect on the actual gameplay, however. They were awarded to players randomly and also for watching matches on Twitch or within the game. 

Later, CS:GO started offering “weapon cases” to its users that could be opened for $2.49. However, you could never know what you’ll get. Over time, this led to some items becoming highly sought-after while others became very common. And that is how some got expensive while others cost less than the price of the key used to open the weapon cases. 

Today, CS:GO skins are used as virtual currency by many, both for gambling and fun. In 2017 a cryptocurrency of Skincoin, based on Ethereum, was established. This event provoked massive transactions and the rise of skins’ value. Some of the most expensive skins include: 

  • AK-47 Wile Lotus – $8,000+
  • AWP Gungnie – Up to $12,000
  • Crimson Web Knives – $10,000+
  • M4A4 Howl – $30,000+
  • Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore – $100,000+
  • Karambit Case Hardened – $1.5 million+

Imagine opening a case for a little over $2 and getting one of these. You’ll gain an immense profit on a tiny investment and get some epic bragging rights in the process. 


For years now, people have bought and sold Counter-Strike items not only to customize their experience but also for making money. Whether you find the process itself iffy or not, it’s truly fun having the capability of earning something from your passion. If you are a fan of gambling titles, turning a game you enjoy playing into a profitable experience might be a great idea for you. 


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