Are you also tired of the TikTok watermark and want to remove those without having to crop the video? You are at the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed insight into how you can save TikTok video no watermark conveniently within a few seconds using the best online watermark remover tool called Smalltik.

As all of us know, TikTok is one the most popular social media app that attracts users with its unique and engaging content. Not only this, but it also allows the users to express their creativity or share dazzling content with friends & family. And users can also save the video they like in their gallery using the save option within the app

However, while save or sharing the TikTok video, you may have noticed that the Video creator’s username and TikTok watermark automatically get attached.

Sometimes these TikTok watermarks are annoying, and you want to get rid of them in order to repurpose the content. But there doesn’t seem to be any other option except cropping the video. But this doesn’t help the cause either.

So the question arises, what else can one do? Well, we have the perfect solution to your query. Stay with us.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark Online


Although there are various separate video editing applications available on the play store that allows the users to remove the watermark. However, in this fast-forwarding world, people don’t prefer downloading a separate tool, instead, they want something online that does the job efficiently in less time.


Therefore, in this guide, we are introducing the best online tools to remove the TikTok watermark that doesn’t waste your time and gives you the preferred outcome. This online tool is tested and trusted, and no matter what device you are using, i.e Computer, Android, or IOS, it is set to meet your expectations.

Online TikTok Watermark Remover

Smalltik is a free online tool that allows you to download the TikTok video without watermarking in several ways. While using the Smalltik, you don’t need to install a software or app, instead of opening the website, paste the TikTok video Link, Smalltik will identify the link, and you are all set to have your favorite TikTok video without any watermark.


Still not sure, how? Here’s is step by step process:

  •  Open TikTok on your mobile or computer and search for your favorite video or account


  • After opening the video, a copy URL button will appear on the right side of the video.


  •  Click the button to copy the URL. You may have to scroll to the right or downward to find it on mobile, but clicking this will copy the video’s direct link to your clipboard.



  • Go to in a web browser. You can access this site from a phone or tablet, or computer. Open the Smalltik website.
  • Paste the URL in the input box and click download.


  • After the video download is complete, the video file will appear at the bottom of the browser, open it, and you’ll see the video without a watermark


Why Use

Easy to use


This Smallkit TikTok watermark remover tool has made things simpler. It is simple and convenient and you can download watermark-free videos with just a couple of clicks. Simply, upload the TikTok Video URL and hit the download button. No technical skills are required.

Ads-free & Privacy Guaranteed offers a safe and secure watermark remover platform devoid of annoying adverts. Without having to worry about signup, you can rest assured about your privacy. In short, just open the web browser, remove the watermark and download the video with no risk of an infection or virus attack on the computer.


Other ways to remove TikTok Watermark


Cover the Watermark


If you don’t want to use any tool and instead want to remove the watermark manually, you have the option to cover it. By using any video editor, you can simply place the emoji or any element on the area where the watermark appears and set the timer to hide it.

Blur the Watermark


Additionally, to make the video less distracting, you can also use the Blur option in the video editor tool. As emoji or elements sometimes make the video more distracting, adding different layers of blur seems to be a suitable option.



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