Cannabis is a very powerful plant that has existed for a very long time. Its products have a wide variety of use, some of which are considered illegal.

Nonetheless, it is a great plant with lots of potential. Scientific research is still ongoing to help uncover more of its beneficial properties in the field of medicine. It shows promising results, especially, on the fight against cancer.

There are various strains of the plant some of which are hybrid. Sour Diesel is one of them. You can checkout this link for more details . With that said, here are a few insights about the strain.


What exactly is it?

Sour D as it is popularly called is a hybrid strain made up of sativa and indica in the ratio of 90% to 10 % respectively. Thus, it exhibits more properties of the former than the latter.

The name is because of the pungent fuel-like smell that it produces when buds break open or even when burnt. The taste is also harsh and can be unpleasant to others.

The smell sticks around long after use hence it is advisable that one use it in private to avoid causing public discomfort. Also, if you are a secret smoker who likes privacy then you should be careful with it.

The THC content in it is rather high with a range of 20% to 25%. This makes it well-suited for recreation and treatment of metal illnesses. When properly grown, it can be used for more other reasons.

What is it used for?

Being a hybrid product of cannabis, it has lots of uses. These include:

  • Treatment of illnesses

It has medicinal properties that suit a myriad of diseases. Currently, it is mostly used to treat patients suffering from mental illnesses. The therapeutic effects of THC and stimulating properties of sativa forms a perfect combination suitable for the Central Nervous System (CNS).


Although it is not used on its own as a form of treatment it could be used so in the near future. It is, particularly, helpful in treatment of depression, schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders.


Apart from that, it contains cannabinoids that are also known for their medicinal properties. When they interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body they help in the fight against pathogenic substances.


They are known to strengthen the immune system thus protecting one against infectious diseases. In some cases, they also enhance the action of antibiotics and so aid in treatment.


  • Recreational purposes

Most people use sour D just to get high. Sativa is known for its stimulating effects that causes excitement. The high THC content level also promotes the euphoric feeling that users are usually after.


Consumers are willing to tolerate the pungent smell and sour taste just to get high. The effect can last for 4 to 5 hours depending on how much you take and the form in which you consume it.


Edibles are generally known to take a bit longer to kick in than other forms but once they do, they also last longer. You should be careful while using it as excess consumption can cause undesired effects such as paranoia.


  • Pain-killer

The pain-relieving effect is partly due to the effects that it has on the brain and also the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. For this purpose, it is commonly used by patients experiencing chronic pain. Click here to read more.



What are the downsides?

The obvious one is that such cannabis products are illegal in most states. Where their use is permitted it is highly regulated.

For example, CBD products are not allowed to contain more than 0.3% of THC. Though, there are some states that have legalized marijuana hence allow the use of Sour D.

Other than that, it has side-effects such as dry mouth and lethargy. Some have also reported paranoia and headache upon excessive use.


Sour Diesel is one of the most powerful cannabis products that are known. It is a sativa-dominant strain that also contains indica. The name is derived from its characteristic pungent smell that it produces. Apart from recreation it has other uses that are of great importance too, especially, the medicinal ones. It also has side-effects that can get out of hand if it is misused. Therefore, if you are a user you should always stay within the safe limit.


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