A rising star among the tools for business promotion is Instagram live. This form of content is conquering the attention of marketers and brands from many industries. Start a live, and you will be surprised how many Instagram views it can bring to you. But the main perk that live streams present to you is a growing connection with the audience, better discoverability. This article exposes seven valuable tips that can help you increase brand awareness using live on Instagram.


What is Instagram Live?


Instagram Live is a video content that is produced on the air. It means that the dialogue between you and your viewers is happening in real-time mode. Live streams on Instagram appear in your feed as a small icon in the line before stories. You can save your stream as an IGTV video. Otherwise, streams are available to users for 24 hours, like stories.

While you are streaming, viewers have the possibility to use a live chat that updates as new messages appear. The streamer can see these comments and react immediately. You can also add another user to your stream – this will look like a split-screen during conference calls.


Now, let’s see how you should work with lives for your brand awareness growth.


  1. Announce your streams before


Your first task is to attract users to your streams. The easiest way to do so is to implement promotion content to your regular schedule. You should make room in your plan for stories and posts that tell your followers when you are going live and the upcoming stream’s topic. This way, you secure the eligible number of people who will watch your live from the start. For example, you can use a countdown sticker on stories mode. Or write a post that describes the topic of your future stream – in this case, you can get helpful insights from your viewers.


  1. Ask people what they want to know


If you want to gain popularity, give users what they want to see. If they feel involved in creating your streams, they will more likely watch it. Encourage your audience to take part in creating your stream, and ask them to share their ideas about the topic of your live content. This point correlates with the previous one. You can make Stories with a question sticker and reveal the most popular suggestions. Or gather up some ideas from your recent posts, analyzing comments you get. Distinguish the most popular questions you get and give a complete answer to them in your stream on Instagram.


  1. Watch the time


Another method to drive attention to your brand with the assistance of Instagram live is creating it when your audience is active online at the most. Then the icon will appear right before their sight, and you can capture the attention of the users who weren’t interested in your live beforehand.

To detect when is the right time for you to begin translation, use the Insights of Instagram. For that, you have to enable a business profile. Then, analyze the statistics dynamically to understand what is your golden hour for streaming. You can also schedule your videos for a specific time each week to hook a stable viewership.


  1. Have it all written down


Having your speech planned is a must for any business meeting or presentation, and Instagram live is no exclusion. With the noted beginning, focal point, and conclusion, it will be easier for you to stay in focus and maintain discipline in your conversation.

Also, being logical and accurate in your broadcast is a marker of professionalism that is obvious to your viewers. Hence, they get a positive impression about your products. Prepare additional materials if needed. Instagram live allows you to add pictures and videos or add another speaker to your broadcast. But make sure that this is still a two-sided conversation with your followers, so spare some time for questions and small talk.


  1. Use branded elements


Instagram Streams are a direct communication tool for a brand and its audience. However, it doesn’t forbid you to use branded stuff as additional material. Try to make your products present on the video subtly. Primary, create a background that corresponds to your brand aesthetics and message. Next, find a place for branded details that expose your logo – this can be even clothes or flags. The trick is to mention your brand indirectly so it doesn’t look too “salesy” and isn’t annoying to your spectators. However, the visual association will be strong and powerful.


  1. Remember about the engagement


Whatever are your business goals, on live broadcasting on Instagram, you have to focus on engagement. Keep in mind that this is a conversation with your audience in the first place. So, you have to keep them interested in your video till it ends. This can be done through the way you communicate with people:

  • Leave the mentor tone behind. You are not talking to your trainees.
  • This is not a business presentation – wit and lightness are welcome.
  • Use fun filters to add a positive vibe.
  • Don’t make it all about your business. Offer other topics that will be interesting to your followers, for example, sustainable trends, social aspects of your work, etc.
  • Share personal experience and opinion, as well as accept what people are telling you.


  1. Film a workshop


An excellent method to increase the awareness of your brand is to engage users with tutorials or workshops dedicated to the usage of your product or somehow related to the industry you embrace. For your first broadcasts, try something simple but exciting that will be easy to complete for non-professional people. Giving them a positive emotion from getting a quick result is what not only will boost the brand awareness but increases loyalty to your brand as well. As the workshop goes, talk and engage with the audience to connect with the viewers. Encourage people to share their results in stories, so you can praise them and provide more trust to your brand.




Instagram Live is an incredible instrument in the arsenal of any brand. Its main perk is that broadcasting provides a direct and authentic connection with your followers, increasing the chance to turn them into loyal customers. With live streaming, you can promote your products so subtly and intellectually that it will be much more fruitful for your business than any more aggressive marketing strategy. This is possible because of the genuine nature of live broadcasting. The ultimate recommendation is – go for creative ideas and a more personal approach.


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