Instagram is working on a new privacy feature that lets you disable read receipts on the Meta-owned social media app. Adam Mosseri announced on his broadcast channel that Instagram has started testing a new toggle button in the app that lets you turn off read receipts.

When a user sends a direct message to someone on Instagram, a “Seen” indicator appears below the message after the recipient reads it. It shows up irrespective of whether the user enabled or disabled their Activity Status in the app.

While the app allows users to turn off their Activity Status, there is no way to get rid of the read receipts. In other words, this indirectly compromises privacy as the sender gets to know that the recipient was online and viewed their message but didn’t reply to it.

“You asked, we listened. We heard your feedback and have started testing a new feature that lets you turn read receipts off in your DMs. Soon, people will be able to choose when to let others see when they’ve read their messages,” the Instagram head wrote on his channel.

Mosseri also shared screenshots of the underdevelopment feature which suggest that the said toggle button will appear on the ‘Privacy & Safety’ page in the app. However, one of the screenshot mentions that “Vanish mode messages always send read receipts.”

The Instagram head didn’t spill any beans on how long it will take before the feature starts rolling out and how many users are part of the testing. Apart from that, the social media app is also testing collaborative carousel posts, multiple audience lists, and holiday bonus for creators on Facebook and Instagram.

As per recent reports, Instagram’s parent Meta is planning to offer ad-free subscriptions for Facebook and Instagram in Europe. Also, the social media giant was sued by over 40 states in the US for contributing to the youth mental health crisis.


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