The Meta-owned social media platform Instagram is working on a new way people can tag multiple users while posting a Story in the app. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the upcoming change on his broadcast channel.

We’re testing a way to tag a group of people in a story using a single mention. Once you create a group mention, it can be reused by anyone in the group to automatically tag everyone in any new stories. So if you’re on a summer trip with friends, you can more easily include everyone without needing to tag each person individually.

Instagram’s group tagging feature will let you tag multiple people with a single mention in your Story. Mosseri explained that you can create a group mention which can be reused by the users who are part of that group, adding that the feature can be particularly helpful during occasions like summer trips with friends, where “you can more easily include everyone without needing to tag each person individually.”

As of now, you can tag your friends and family in a Story by typing @ followed by their username. However, it takes some time if you want to tag multiple friends in a Story because you need to type the handle of each person.

If someone tags you in their Story, you’ll get a notification and a direct message with a preview of the Story. However, the direct message will go into message requests if some unknown user tags you. If you’re tagged by someone in a Story, you can re-share it on your own account as well.

You won’t be able to re-share a Story even if you’re mentioned if its creator has disabled story re-shares. Also, as of now, there is no way to remove your mention from a Story, although, you can report it.

Mosseri’s announcement didn’t include when Instagram’s group tagging features will arrive for all users. In recent news, the social media app changes the way users get messages from unknown senders. Instagram, along with Facebook, has started blocking news content and links in Canada in the wake of the Online News Act. Also, it was reported that Instagram is working on a Meta Verified feed for its app.


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