For betting to succeed, it is important to operate in markets where the available data helps to predict the most expected outcomes with a high probability. The outcomes of sports events can be determined by many factors – statistical layouts, sports form, the condition of the participants, the conditions of the game or competition, etc. Considering how hard it can be to profit from sports betting, some punters question its relevance. Let’s dig into the issue – make yourself comfortable, download a trusty mobile app for betting in India, and get ready to win big.

Relevance of the Issue

Every handicapper – from beginners to seasoned pros – cannot rely entirely on different forms of statistical calculations if the degree of unpredictability of the discipline is unfamiliar. All sports are characterized differently in this regard.

But in addition to unpredictability, one should understand the specifics of the bookmakers’ actions. They put the probability of the corresponding outcome of the competition or game in the coefficients of the line painting. There is a direct relationship – if the bookmaker’s coefficient is high, then the chance of the outcome provided for the bet is less, and vice versa.

Analysts can be wrong, which is beneficial for competent bettors, since there is a chance to win good money.

Professionals also consider the structure of the sports discipline and how many outcomes the bookmaker provides for betting.

Taking these aspects into account, you can make things easier for you by selecting disciplines with special parameters for sports betting in bookmakers. This moment is significant for novice bettors, as lack of experience can be compensated for by working on well-predictable sports.

Best Bookmakers in India

Choosing a bookmaker is the most important step for a beginner bettor. Bookmakers differ in a number of different criteria: from the convenience of the services provided to the line list and the amount of margin. Nowadays, many people place bets online: through bookmaker sites or mobile applications (an even more convenient option).

Therefore, you need to evaluate the site interface, ease of use, the number of events available for betting, odds (compared with those offered by other services), speed and convenience of financial transactions, support, as well as read reviews of those who have already used services of a specific bookmaker.

How to Make Football Bets

It’s no secret that football is the number one sport. Millions of fans from all over the world follow their favorite teams: they monitor the news every day, watch live football results, attend matches and support their favorites in every possible way. That is why football is the most popular direction in betting. The peculiarity of this game is that the outcome of an event is largely determined not by the class of specific players, but by the general form of the team. Quite often there is an interesting beginning of a season – at the start, strong teams lose to weak clubs.

Usually, the reason here is hidden in the initial imbalance of the team, underestimation of opponents or other difficulties in the organizational and financial plan. It turns out that in betting on the outcomes of such events, trusting statistics is extremely risky. Many factors cannot be evaluated and analyzed in this way.

Traditional football betting has 3 clean options:

  • The first team to win (hosts) – W1.
  • Draw result – X.
  • The second team wins (guests) – W2.

In this scenario, there is a 33.3% probability for each outcome, but the bettor needs to predict one option.

For football betting, predictability increases if the handicapper works on two outcomes. 50% probability of a successful bet is present in the elections:

  • Total goals over/under.
  • Double outcome without a draw – 1X and X2.

Football is the most popular team game, many fans follow the live results of matches, however, the predictability here rarely goes beyond the 50% level.



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    Yes now it is very much relevant and convenient to everyone to do Live Sports Betting In India. Thanks for sharing your views about topic.

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    Football is the most popular team game, many fans follow the live results of matches, however, the predictability here rarely goes beyond the 50% level.

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