We always start our car research with color, design, mileage, engine capacity, and many other features. At this time, no one thinks about the VIN of a vehicle. But then how will you find the hidden details of that vehicle? This is where the VIN comes into play.  This VIN is like the DNA of your car. This might seem challenging to figure out the VIN on a car. The below guide will wipe all the doubt from your mind regarding the VIN.


In this article, we will cover:


  • What is the vehicle identification number?
  • Ways in VIN is helpful
  • Importance of VIN or chassis number
  • Importance of checking the VIN before selling or purchasing a vehicle
  • Different places to find the VIN on a vehicle
  1. Insurance policy document
  2. On front grille
  3. Rear-wheel
  1. On the door
  2. Car dealership
  • Decoding of vehicle identification number(VIN)
  1. World manufacturer identifier
  2. vehicle description section
  3. vehicle serial number


By the end of this article, you will understand how a VIN decoder can help in finding details online.

What is the vehicle identification number?


The vehicle identification number or chassis number is a unique code of 17 digits embossed or bolted on a specific area of your vehicle. This number provides your car a legitimate identity that is unique and can not be the same for two-vehicle. Since 1981 vehicle which rolls off the factory lines comes with a VIN.


These 17 digit number is not just random number allotted to a vehicle. Every number or character in VIN carries specific and important information about a particular vehicle in hand. The VIN implies the place of manufacture of the vehicle, manufacture year and day, engine and vehicle type, country, and other statistics.


Some easy use cases of VIN:


  • Helps in tracking down your car
  • Authenticity check of the vehicle by looking into the database of the vehicle
  • check the originality of the vehicle


Importance of VIN or chassis number


A VIN is a recognized standard and globally acknowledged to classify different motor and commercial vehicles and also private vehicles like bikes, cars, and trucks. Here is an interesting point to note is that every vehicle identification number contain a sequence of letter and numbers where every character implies data and information regarding the vehicle.


The VIN is critical and is the safest and the finest way of tracking the identity of the vehicle. Usually, the vehicles manufacturers and the registration establishments have all the necessary records about the vehicle. Hence this empowers them to authenticate the identity of the vehicle accurately.


Importance of checking the VIN before selling or purchasing a vehicle


Let us understand why we should check the VIN before buying or selling a vehicle. Like as we check the date on the packet of food to ensure that the food is not expired or till when we can use it same with the VIN.

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VIN is not just a casual number of several characters which provides you information about a particular vehicle it is more than that. It is also used as a piece of evidence to ensure that if your vehicle has an illegal or criminal record or any robbery history. Vehicle history guarantees the authenticity of the vehicle. Within just a few seconds you get a detailed microscopic report of the vehicle starting from the vehicle’s first owner to the last step. If you doubt selling your old vehicle in your mind then check all as stated in the VIN report are reasonable or not. And if yes then go ahead.

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Different places to find the VIN on a vehicle


Usually, the VIN for motor or commercial vehicles is found on the driver-side doors pillars, under hoods engine side, front of the dashboard.

Some other places where you can find the VIN of your vehicle.


  1. Insurance policy document


Once your car is insured, you can find your VIN on the insurance policy documents. Now moving with the digital world, your insurance is sent to your email once it is renewed or insured.


  1. On front grille


Some models and manufacturers have their VINs printed on the front grille of the vehicle.


  1. Rear-wheel


Some manufacturers print their chassis number on the rear wheel.


  1. On the door


Most of the vehicles manufacturers printer their vehicle identification number on the driver side door with a metal strip which is found on the B-pillar of the car.


      5. Car dealership


If you are not getting the chassis number any every on the car then you can contact your dealership from where you have purchased the car to trace the chassis or VIN.


Decoding of vehicle identification number(VIN)


It’s really interesting to understand VIN in depth. As mentioned above the vehicle identification number contain 17 characters and prearranged numbers is initiated from ISO standard 3779 in the year 1977 and later were updated in 1983.


However different vehicle manufacturer has different interpretations of the VIN which are compatible with the ISO standard. Hence the vehicle identification number of different places has different attributes but common components are listed above.


It is divided into 3 sections.


  1. World manufacturer identifier


The first 3 characters symbolize from where the vehicle is originated means its country and manufacturer. The first digit contains information on where the vehicle is built and the next 2 letter denotes its manufacturer. 


For example, 1 denotes that the vehicle was built in the US and HG denotes that its Honda vehicle.


Hence the first 3 characters are called world manufacturer identifiers to understand who is an actual manufacturer of the vehicle and the country from where the vehicle originates.


  1. Vehicle description section


The next 6 characters signify the other significant details about the vehicle.


4th character- Helps in identifying the class of vehicle.


 Ex some company uses codes like C for scooters and G for manifold cylinder sports.


5th character- This gives the engine movement.


Ex some company uses B for 50CC to 69CC.

6th character– it signifies the type of engine


7th character– it displays the sequence of the design for any vehicle.


8th character– denotes the vehicle version


9th character– VIN accurateness check digit


10th character-year of manufacture of the vehicle


11th character-it is the code of the plant where the motor vehicle was manufactured.


  1. Vehicle serial number


These 12th to 17th characters are usually numbers and are serial numbers allotted to a particular vehicle.




Vin and chassis numbers are essential numbers and should be kept safe they provide a lot of information regarding a vehicle. The VIN looks confusing and sometimes might be irritating too. However, it offers a reliable way to find out the details of a vehicle and it turns out to be helpful in the long run.


Thus, it is crucial for everyone to learn about VIN and how it works.



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