Technology has long been our present. We are given the unreal – you can even do thesis proofreading with the help of modern capabilities. We can’t imagine our world without gadgets, so today we want to tell you how to optimize your learning with Windows.

Login without entering a password


Especially relevant for online students. If the screen is constantly locked, and you need to quickly access some information, then this life hack is for you.

You need a Windows login password to keep your computer secure. However, if you are tired of entering it every time your PC starts up (or when it comes out of sleep mode), you can disable this feature.

To do this, enter “netplwiz” in the Windows search and uncheck “Require username and password”. Then you need to enter the password several times, and after a quick reboot you no longer need to type it to log in.

Of course, it’s best not to disable your password if there is a risk that your computer may be stolen or lost elsewhere. But if you have a home PC, you don’t carry your laptop to a coffee shop or to a lecture, you can turn off password authentication.


Close all windows except the important one


Everyone has had a situation where a million windows with different sites are open on the computer and it is impossible to focus on one learning task. The “shake” function will help you here – just take the window you need and shake it slightly. All other open windows will automatically collapse. If you want to return everything, shake the window again.




Voice data entry


Human speaks faster than they type. Therefore, if you need to quickly find the answer to a task, it is better to use voice input. Position the cursor in the text input field, but instead of typing, press the Windows key on your keyboard and press the letter H.

A message appears stating that the dictation mode is activated. Start talking and you will immediately see the dictated words appear on the big screen. If you have never used this feature, you will need to get used to it to indicate punctuation. Over the years, technology has only improved and can come in handy if you’re tired of typing and need to write a long article or business letter.


Connect your smartphone to your computer


Musthave for all students, because it is not always possible to use a computer. There is no full integration between Android and Windows yet, but the free application from Microsoft Your Phone (available for both Android and Windows) significantly speeds up the interaction between the smartphone and PC. You can see all the messages and notifications on your phone on your computer, or download the last 25 photos taken on your smartphone. One of the latest models of Samsung’s smartphone has additional features, such as the ability to control the phone screen from your computer or laptop running Windows 10.


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  1. […] Technology has long been our present. We are given the unreal. you’ll even do thesis proofreading with the assistance of recent capabilities. We can’t imagine our world without gadgets, so today we would like to inform you ways to optimize your learning with Windows. […]

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