Linktree announced over the weekend that its service is now available on Snapchat Public Profiles. Public Profile was launched by Snapchat to help extend the reach of creators and with Linktree support, fans can follow the creator on other platforms more easily.

The new feature is starting to roll out this week, according to Linktree. The company said that it was adding Snapchat as a share destination while Snapchat was adding Linktree as a share destination, with the goal of getting more Snapchat links on Linktree and more Linktree links on Snapchat.

If this link-up between the two companies is interesting to you as a creator, Linktree has also decided to share the SNAP3MONTHSFREE code which allows you to try out Linktree Pro for free for three months.

Linktree Pro offers a ton of extra features including email collection, phone number collection, embedding the latest YouTube video, embedding the latest tweets, code lock, RSS feed link, and mobile app link. You can read more about the features on the Linktree pricing page.

According to TechCrunch, links in profiles were restricted to brands and Snap Stars (the platform’s biggest creators) to include links on their profiles. With the opening up of the Public Profile feature for over 18s, pretty much anyone can add links, including a Linktree.

By allowing Linktree links on Snapchat profiles, upcoming content creators that are still trying to build an audience will be able to get a bit of a boost by helping their fans find more of their content on other websites.

To get started with a Public Profile, open up Snapchat and press your avatar in the top-left. Then scroll down until you find the Public Profile section and you should see an option to set up your Public Profile.

Once you’ve set up your Public Profile go through to it by pressing My Public Profile and then tap Edit Profile. In the Tap to add Bio box, you can insert your Linktree link.

Source: Linktree via TechCrunch


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