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  1. 17


    cant download the skinpack ….
    error message

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  3. 16

    Chloe K

    my laptop is windows 8.1 and the samurize says that it is only for windows 2000, XP, and 2003
    so how do i use it? and fix it?

  4. 15


    why dont wish leave here a fucking skin pack? why must fucking png-s? you satisfaction?

  5. 13

    Dave Pickering

    Is there a way of getting rid of the Black area at the top of every window? I cannot see the window description. Also after installing the pack and rebooting it had changed all my Dock shortcuts and shiny Icons I had put there and replaced them with unwanted shortcuts.
    Nice skin, It is resource hungry, is there a way to change back to the standard Win7 theme when running other resource hungry apps (Sony Vegas, Virtual DJ etc.)


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