In 2022, Microsoft added the Cameo feature to its PowerPoint presentation service. It allows users to use your camera feed from, for example, your PC’s webcam, and create a video recording that can be put in your PowerPoint slides.

However, putting in support for Cameo videos in PowerPoint presentations was a fairly tedious task as they had to put in and format the Cameo in each slide. This week, Microsoft 365 Insiders can try out a new feature that should help automate that task.

In a post on the Microsoft 365 Insider blog, Microsoft stated:

By adding a cameo placeholder to your slide layouts or templates, you can add consistency to your slide deck. You can integrate and format the cameo placeholder within your presentation as you’re creating your content and designing your slides, and it will automatically turn into a cameo.

PowerPoint users can either create a new file or open an existing presentation, and then select the View option, followed by the Slide Master option. Then the user can click on the Insert Placeholder option, and finally the Cameo selection. Users have the option to change the shape of the Cameo format so it fits on their slides. They can also make changes to its outline in a variety of different color choices, and there’s also the option to add a shadow effect to that outline.



Right now, PowerPoint users on Windows and Mac can create Cameo placeholders in their slides. However, after the layout has been set up, PowerPoint users on the web can then go into their presentations and add new slides with that Cameo layout.

At the moment, the new Cameo placeholder feature is available for Microsoft 365 Insiders on PowerPoint for Windows version 2309 (Build 16827.20278) or later or the Mac version 16.77 (Build 23082700) or later.


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