If you use Microsoft’s Excel app on the web, you can now check out a few new improvements to the app. These changes are designed to make it easier for users to create and edit formulas inside the web-based spreadsheet program.

The official Excel blog talks about the new changes, starting with the addition of the Insert Function Dialog. It’s been added to Excel on the web so users can access a user friendly UI to select functions.



The blog states:

Quickly look up a function or browse through categories to find what you need. Each function comes with a description and expected arguments, and you get a preview of each argument’s value and the complete formula.

You can check out the new feature by heading to the Formulas tab and then click on the Insert Function button. You can also access it by clicking on the fx button on the formula bar.

Another new feature that’s been added to Excel on the web is called Parentheses Coupling. Microsoft states:

When you position your cursor within a set of parentheses, Parentheses Coupling intelligently highlights the corresponding closing parenthesis. This visual indicator simplifies the identification of paired parentheses allowing you to concentrate on the specific section of the formula you are currently editing.

Another feature that’s also rolling out to Excel Windows users as well as web app users is called Value Preview. Microsoft says:

Value Preview simplifies the evaluation and troubleshooting of formulas by providing real-time displays of the value associated with any part of a formula when you hover your mouse pointer over the section or select it.

Finally, the Excel app on the web adds support for monospaced font for editing formula. Microsoft previously added this support for people who use the Windows version of Excel in the Insiders Beta Channel.


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