Earlier this, we mentioned that Microsoft Forms has been getting a lot more attention lately with a number of new features and improvements. Today, that trend continues as Microsoft has announced it is now supporting syncing data collected from Forms quizzes and polls over to Excel on the web.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that this new syncing feature will allow users to keep working on one Excel spreadsheet to examine data taken from a Forms project without the need to have multiple spreadsheets. Indeed, the new feature can automatically sync Forms data in real-time to Excel’s website.



Forms users can open any active quiz or poll and head to the “Responses” page to click the new “Open results in Excel” option. This will create an Excel spreadsheet on the OneDrive cloud service and open that spreadsheet on the Excel website. Any new responses to your Forms project will automatically sync up when you launch the linked Excel spreadsheet on the web.

Microsoft says this new feature can be used for both business and educational users. Teachers can collect the Forms quiz data from their students, even from multiple classes, and collect them all into one Excel spreadsheet. They can then go deep into the data from those quizzes so they can help any student who might need help and improvements.

Microsoft also has an example of how this can be used in a private business:

A company uses Excel to manually log every office facility request in a workbook that is shared among different departments for manual status updates and reporting. By using Forms data sync to Excel, they can instead distribute one office facility form through Microsoft Forms and share the Excel workbook of responses. Each department can then review newly synced requests and update the request status they are responsible for accordingly.

Right now, the syncing of data from Forms is only available for the web version of Excel. There’s no word on if this feature will be added to the desktop or mobile versions of Excel.


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