Microsoft Stream is the business and enterprise-based video streaming and management service that was first launched in 2017. In 2022, Microsoft announced it was working on a major revamp of the Stream mobile apps for iOS and Android. This week, the company announced new versions of those apps are now available to download with a number of new features.

The biggest edition of the new versions is that the Stream apps can now record and upload videos from smartphones and tablets. Microsoft says customers can use this feature in many different ways, such as filming a product demo, creating a video that offers a tour of a company’s offices, recording a class or lecture, and more.

The Stream mobile apps also allow users to change a recorded video’s description, title, and more before it is uploaded. Users can also change who has permission to see the video.

Aside from that, the new Microsoft Stream video apps have some other new features:

Users can now switch between apps while a video is uploading in the background, or they can lock the screen while the clip is uploading

The apps now allow users to zoom into a video clip with a pinch of the touchscreen.

The apps now support both Chromecast and AirPlay devices, so videos can be cast on a larger display like a big screen TV.

Videos can now be preloaded in the background in the apps so that users can quickly start playing them without any buffering.

Finally, users can quickly jump forward in a video in the Stream apps by just double-clicking on the clip to get to the part they want to view.

The Android version of the Microsoft Stream app is available now on the Google Play Store. The iOS app is available on Apple’s App store.


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