In September 2021, Microsoft announced the Surface Duo 2 Android 11 smartphone. It was a slight redesign of the original dual-screen Surface Duo, but with some higher-end hardware like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and three rear cameras. The price for the smartphone at launch was a hefty $1,499.99.

Since the phone launched, Microsoft has released a number of firmware updates, including one in May 2023 that reportedly caused lots of issues for owners of the Surface Duo 2. The last Android OS update for the phone was back in October 2022, when it got upgraded to Android 12L.

Today, it looks like the final nail in the poorly received Surface Duo 2’s coffin has been hammered. Windows Central reports, via unnamed sources, that the phone has been discontinued by Microsoft. That means that the company is no longer making new units of the phone, although there might be some remaining phones in stock at certain retailers.

While the phone is currently scheduled to receive Android security updates until at least October 2024, it’s looking very unlikely it will get any more Android OS updates beyond 12L. Windows Central was unable to get any comments from Microsoft on plans to update the phone with the current Android 13 version or the upcoming Android 14.

That means the phone will likely only get that one OS update from nearly a year ago. Since the companies behind a lot of recent high-end Android phones have promised at least three or more major OS updates, this is pretty disappointing news. Owners do have the option of getting an unofficial Android 13 update, which was developed by a former Microsoft team member.

Today’s story adds, via unnamed sources, that a “majority” of the software team for the Surface Duo 2 has been transferred to working on the Android version of Teams Rooms.

Earlier this year, online reports claimed that Microsoft had abandoned plans to make the Surface Duo 3, and had instead decided to work on a true foldable phone. There’s been no word on the status of that project since then. There have also been unconfirmed reports Microsoft could be working on some standard non-foldable Android phones.


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