Microsoft Teams is getting some new and improved features in its Shifts app, specifically around users getting notifications from the app. In a blog post, Microsoft said it was getting some feedback from users who received “noisy and irrelevant notifications” from the Shifts app, and as a result, didn’t get the information they needed if job shifts needed to be changed.

Microsoft says it is now rolling out an update with some improvements in how the Shifts app handles notifications, and how users can customize those online alerts that are later sent to their employees.

With the new app, managers can now send out notifications about changes in shifts just to the specific team members that are affected by the change. Managers can now also send notifications about any open shifts to specific team members that would be able to take on those duties. Microsoft stated:

This enhancement empowers managers with greater control to limit the frequency of notifications, ensuring that notifications are specifically targeted and delivered only to the intended employees.

The Shifts app can also now show specific details about changes via its Notifications and the Activity feed. Those notification details could include things like shift date and time updates, new locations and more.

Also, clicking those notifications will now send anyone to the Shifts page they will need to see on both the desktop and mobile apps. Microsoft stated:

This improvement ensures that users are directed to the appropriate sections, enabling them to quickly access the necessary information or perform required actions.

This is just the latest update for Microsoft Teams and its related apps. Just a few days ago, the company officially rolled out support for spatial audio for Teams video and audio meetings. It also recently added support for users to put on virtual makeup, via the Maybelline Beauty App.


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