A couple of months ago, Microsoft officially announced the first expansion pack for the historical RTS game Age of Empires IV. The expansion, The Sultans Ascend, will include two all-new civilizations, the Japanese and the Byzantines, along with four “variant” civilizations, a new single-player campaign, 10 new multiplayer maps, two new bionomes, and more.

Today, Microsoft offered a ton of new details about The Sultans Ascend on the official Age of Empires website. They include much more info on the new civilizations.

Microsoft posted this on the Byzantines civilization:

The Byzantines come equipped with three unique aspects: an Aqueduct network, access to mercenaries, and powerful Greek Fire. The civilization constructs sprawling Aqueduct networks that boost the productivity of their empire and aids in the generation of Olive Oil, a unique fifth resource used to hire mercenaries. From a militaristic standpoint, the Byzantines have capable command over the battlefield, pairing a broad roster of units and mercenaries with powerful Greek Fire that can have lasting effect on an impacted area.

Here is what you can expect if you play as the Japanese civilization:

The Japanese civilization introduces the new Daimyo system, allowing you to upgrade the Town Center to a Daimyo Manor, and eventually a Shogunate Castle, that comes with powerful defenses while also bolstering food production from nearby farms. Advancing the Daimyo level also unlocks access to Samurai Bannermen, special units that provide significant combat bonuses to units around them. Embrace espionage by fielding the unique Shinobi, capable of blending in with enemy Villagers and sabotaging production from behind enemy lines.

The four variant civilizations, which reimagines them as if a point of history had taken a different path, are:

Jeanne d’Arc (variant of the French)
The Order of the Dragon (variant of the Holy Roman Empire)
Zhu Xi’s Legacy (variant of the Chinese)
Ayyubids (variant of the Abbasid Dynasty)

There’s even more info on the expansion pack at the Age of Empires site to check out, including a list of the many Achievements and Masteries that can be unlocked.

The Age of Empires IV: The Sultans Ascend expansion will launch on November 14 for the PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One for $14.99. You can preorder the expansion now on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Xbox Store.


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