1. The order of the home and away teams cannot be ambiguous

In a football match, the front of the opposing team is usually the home team. In basketball, the situation is the opposite, with the visiting team at the front and the home team at the back. This must be noted when betting. Take the NBA “Rockets VS Lakers” as an example. In fact, in this matchup, the Lakers played their home games in Los Angeles. If the final result is displayed as 100:99, the result is the home team losing. Lottery players must figure out the relationship between the host and the guest before betting, so as to avoid oolong. You can go to pnxbet for more NBA content and betting.


  1. The preset handicap may change

When the difference between the strengths of the two teams is large, a handicap method is adopted to balance the strengths of the two teams. This is similar to the handicap in a lottery football game. However, unlike a football game, in a basketball game, the score changes. possible. When betting on a single game, the preset total score of each game will always remain unchanged; when betting on a pass, the preset total score of each game will be adjusted during the sales process according to the bet amount and other relevant factors, and will be adjusted through the sales system and published in other ways. The preset total score corresponding to a certain game obtained by the lottery player at the moment of completing the valid bet is the basis for judging whether the bet wins the prize.


  1. The result of the basket lottery includes overtime

This is also different from football betting. The football lottery only guesses the result within 90 minutes, and the extra time does not affect the result. The basketball lottery guesses the final result of the game, and the score at the final whistle shall prevail. Even if the two sides play multiple overtimes, they still need to wait for the final score.


  1. Clear the level to win fixed bonuses

There are two basic forms of betting in Jingcai basketball games, one is a single bet, the other is a pass bet. For a single game betting method, players can choose the game they are most confident to bet in all the published quiz schedules, and the bonus obtained by betting in this way is the floating bonus. The feature of the floating bonus is that the same points are shared, that is, as long as you win the prize, the total bonus can be divided equally.


Pass betting is a one-time bet made by lottery players who string these games together. Just like passing the game, they will win the lottery by passing all the passes. What they get by betting in this way is a fixed bonus. The biggest advantage of the fixed bonus is that the bonus is transparent, and the lottery player already knows the bonus amount after winning the lottery when betting. Of course, generally speaking, the fixed bonus obtained by parlay betting is higher than the floating bonus of single-game betting. Powerful lottery players may wish to try their hand at parlay bets on pnxbet.


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