During its Geeked Week event, Netflix has announced that it will be adding some indie hit titles to its library of games. The site currently has over 80 games available for subscribers to pick up and play at no extra cost on iOS, Android, and in some cases, TVs and desktops.

The first title to be added with much fanfare is Hades, a standout hit from 2020, the rogue-like platformer set in Greek mythology, has won many awards and is a firm favourite among fans of the genre. Hades will only be available to iOS devices to begin with, there is no confirmation when Android users will be able to play.

The next title announced on Netflix is Braid, an indie classic from 2008 having originally launched on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade service. The new version for both iOS and Android users is titled the Anniversary edition, celebrating 15 years since the game’s original launch. It features upgraded audio, hand-repainted visuals, fresh animations and new puzzles to solve. The game will also include 15 hours of developer commentary going behind the scenes. The game will be available on 30th April 2024.

The next game that was highlighted for the platform is Death’s Door, a top-down adventure title inspired by The Legend of Zelda having originally launched in 2021, and was later available on Xbox Game Pass in January 2022.

Other games announced for the platform include Katana Zero, which came to Xbox Game Pass in October 2020, and other games based on Netflix shows and films that are currently available or coming soon. This includes Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold which is available now. Chicken Run: Eggstraction and The Dragon Prince: Xadia, as well as Money Heist based off the hit series, are coming soon and will arrive in 2024.


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