As part of Minecraft Live today, Mojang Studios has announced two more DLC packs for the hit sandbox game. One is based on a well-known sci-fi franchise, and the other hopes to educate as well as entertain with its link to an upcoming BBC nature documentary series.

The first DLC that was announced is Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, which is due out on November 7. Mojang says that the DLC pack will allow its Minecraft players to “advance from padawan to Jedi Knight” Of course, the DLC pack will also let these players use light sabers and Force powers, It will also have a number of well-known characters from the franchise make appearances along with a number of different locations to explore. Players can also a free creator item in the Minecraft dressing room.



The other DLC pack announced today is Planet Earth III, a collaboration of Minecraft Education and the BBC Earth team to promote the upcoming Planet Earth III documentary series that debuts sometime later this fall. Mojang states:

On the heels of our recent Frozen Planet II DLC, the Planet Earth III DLC will continue to immerse players in the wonders of the natural world with the overarching message that everything in nature is connected and we therefore need to take care of our planet so it can take care of us.

The Planet Earth III DLC is due for release sometime in 2024.

Mojang has already released a few DLC packs this year. They include one based on the recent movie Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, and another based on The Incredibles movie series. There was also a free DLC pack where you can use virtual Nerf blasters, and finally, there was one for the older players with a Dungeons and Dragons-themed DLC pack.


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