In February, Microsoft entered into a 10 year agreement with NVIDIA to add games from its library of titles to the GeForce Now cloud gaming streaming service. Since then, it has been slowly adding a number of titles including the Age of Empires series, and most recently games like the original Quake and Bethesda’s Wolfenstein titles.

Today, NVIDIA confirmed that subscribers to Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service will be able to access over 10 games from its lineup of titles on GeForce Now starting on Thursday, August 24. Wccftech adds that some of those games will include first party Microsoft and Bethesda titles like Deathloop, Grounded, and Doom (2016).

There will also be some third-party games added, including No Man’s Sky and Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. More PC Game Pass games will be included on GeForce Now sometime in the future. There’s no word yet on when or if the highly anticipated RPG Starfield will be added to GeForce Now. It’s slated to be a PC Game Pass game on September 6. When asked an NVIDIA rep simply said to “stay tuned”.

This move to add PC Game Pass titles to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming was part of Microsoft’s plan to convince regulators to allow it to acquire Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. The UK Competition and Markets Authority wasn’t convinced and blocked the deal from happening in April. It mentioned concerns about Microsoft having unfair control over the cloud gaming market as the main reason for its decision.

Since then, Microsoft has been discussing ways to get the CMA to change its mind. Today, the company unveiled a change to its proposal that would give Ubisoft the rights to offer past and future Activision Blizzard PC games on its cloud gaming service for 15 years. The CMA is examining the proposal and will offer a decision by October 18.


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