Nobody would miss a chance to win a prize if they could. Participating in various competitions and winning exciting prizes is something everyone would love to give a chance to. But what if it was told to you that you can participate in any competition too without paying any fees. Of course, free competitions. That would sound lovely right? So here come online UK competitions that would help you win amazing prizes that too free of cost.


What are the competitions about?

The competitions are about registering to mark your entry in the giveaway. Once you are registered you are eligible for the giveaway and you can win the desired commodity for free. They also let you enjoy wonderful discounts on the products as well. The earlier you participate in the competitions, the more assured you are to win the competition. The discount rates may go inactive anytime. The prices may rise higher anytime. So the earlier you enter a competition, the better it would be for you.



Things you can win through competitions

There are a variety of things for which the competitions are being held. You can win your favourite sneakers or your favourite beauty product with the best discounts. You may win them for free as well. They are also providing giveaways for the mini iPhone 13 for which so many people are crazy about.



What are the top websites for enrolling in these giveaways?

UK deals and giveaways websites provide you with the best deals and discounts on your favourite products. From health and wellness to your beauty products, it has arranged giveaways for every category. With giveaways, it also holds multiple contests at the same time. The team comes up with amazing deals that aren’t easy to find on other websites. If you want to own things, of the best quality yet at cheaper prices, this is the website for you.



Earning points while you participate in the giveaways

They don’t just help you save a lot but also provide you with multiple bonuses. The bonus points vary from signing up to referring UK competitions to any friend of yours. When you sign up on the website of UK deals and giveaways, they reward you with 240 points. Similarly, when you add your profile picture you earn a bonus of 100 points. Adding a background to your profile helps you earn 125 points. The daily visits to the website will fetch you 1 point for a day. With every comment of yours on any posts or article, you are going to earn 1 point.



What to do with the points that you earn?

As soon as you sign up, put up your profile picture and background picture you will be able to collect around 500 points. This means you have already reached half of the number to 1000 points. Once you earn or collect 1000 points you need to email them. You can redeem your 1000 points for a voucher if you want to. You can easily use your voucher and approach to buy your favourite items.



Kinds of bonuses you earn on this website

  • Bonus for signing up. These points are awarded for your first sign up.
  • Bonus for adding a profile picture. Setting up your profile picture is simple. You first need to head over to the My deals club. Then you can go to my profile and then click on profile settings. Search for the green button below your name towards the left-hand side. From there you can set your profile picture.
  • Bonus on daily visits. When you visit the website daily, you are rewarded with one bonus point daily.
  • Commenting on a post. Below every posted article or any random post is an option to comment on the article or the posts.


Bonuses on sharing any posts

Ever thought that even sharing can help you win multiple bonus points. You can share a post or article on facebook, Twitter or refer to a friend to read the same. Here is a detailed discussion on the same.

  • Sharing posts on facebook. At the end of each article, is a box where there is an option that enables us to share posts. You can easily share posts on facebook. In case you are sharing it with active social media accounts, you are going to win huge bonuses. When you share any posts on facebook you earn 3 points.
  • Sharing posts on Twitter. As you have shared an article on facebook, the same way you just need to go to the end of the posts or article. At the end of each post, you would be provided with an option to share the same on Twitter. As soon as you share the same on Twitter, you are going to earn 1 point for the same.



Things to remember when sharing posts for bonus points

Remember that you will be provided with bonus points only when you share them with an active social media account. In case you constantly send it to inactive accounts, your membership may be cancelled and you won’t be allowed to enter any competition.



Referring posts can help you win bonus

  • Refer a post to your friends. First, you have to head over to the section of my deals club. You have to find out the affiliate link in your profile section. You will then be provided with a unique URL that you can share with your friends and earn 5 points at a time. You have to share the URL and tell your friend to sign up. As your friends sign up, you will be provided with the bonus points instantly.



What all can get your membership cancelled?

  • Sharing inactive social media accounts.
  • Posting comments unnecessarily. Your comment should be meaningful and useless spamming can get your membership cancelled.
  • Sharing the links privately to social media accounts is not allowed.
  • Referring to inactive email addresses.
  • The website would only allow members who will collect points with fair means.






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