Earlier this month, Microsoft-owned game developer Obsidian Entertainment announced plans for a major update to its survival game Grounded. Today, it is giving PC players a chance to play the full game via Steam for free to check out the new features in that big update.

As revealed on the Grounded X (formerly Twitter) account, the game is now free to play on Steam from now until Thursday, November 16 at 1 p.m.Eastern time.

The over three days of free play time should give people a chance to check out the new content in the 1.3 Make it and Break It update, A post on the game’s official website has all the details about this update, which includes a new Playground Mode.

Obsidian stated:

Dream of creating your own boss battle arena? Create an escape room with traps and surprises? Dash into a racecourse with power ups and obstacles? It’s all possible with Grounded’s Playgrounds!

Playgrounds has over 300 world props to use to build your own backyard, 400+ items like equippables, resources, and consumables, more than 100 harvestables, and all the creatures! Yes, that includes bosses!

The Playground Mode is available on the game’s normal backyard map, plus an all new map, the Grassbox:

The Grassbox is a completely empty backyard for you to build to your heart’s content, you are only limited by your own imagination. The team has included some areas to build your creations in such as ant hills, above and undergrown science labs, and a flooded area where you can use the wet terrain to your advantage. Blades of grass blocking your way? Get rid of it with a simple action!

The 1.3 update also has a ton of other new additions, changes, and bug fixes. It is also available now via the Microsoft Store and on the Xbox platform.

In addition to this big new update for Grounded, Obsidian is working on two major new games for Microsoft: the sci-fi RPG sequel The Outer Worlds 2, and the fantasy RPG Avowed, the latter of which is due for release in 2024.


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