Before getting familiar with the rules and responsibilities of the project management professional or the agile certification it is very much important for people to have a clear-cut idea about what are these two concepts all about.


Project management is the very basic activity of formulating a comprehensive plan and implementing it through a control strategy and joint coordination of the team so that a set of tasks can be perfectly performed and overall goals associated with the research and development can be achieved.


Following are some of the very basic differences between the PMP course and the agile certification:


  • The project management institute will be the apex body that will help in providing the project management certification and on the other hand, the agile project management program will be offered by the project management Association in proper collaboration with the DSDM consortium.
  • The required criteria for the PMP examination is to pass out a secondary examination from a recognised high school or the individual should have a diploma equivalent to it. Apart from this, the individuals need to have 7500 hours of experience of leading and directing the projects along with 35 hours of project management training or the individuals need to have four years degree, the experience of 4500 hours of leading and directing the projects and 35 hours of the project management system. On the other hand, in the cases of agile certification, the individuals need to have a secondary degree which is an associate’s degree or globally equivalent. Apart from this, they need to have experience of 2000 hours working on general projects with the team plus a PMP certificate is also required. In addition to this, the individuals must have a work experience of 1500 hours based upon agile product teams or techniques and they must also have practised the agile for at least 21 contact hours.
  • The pattern of the PMP examination will be around the five most important elements which include the commencing of the project, planning of the project, implementation, and conclusion and monitoring. On the other hand, the curriculum of the agile certification will be based upon the foundation level and practitioner level.
  • The procedure of the examination in the case of PMP will be 200 MCQ questions related to the PMP code and ethics. On the other hand, the agile certification includes 50 MCQ questions which the candidates have to attend.



The PMP certification helps in providing the people with a big opportunity of remaining ahead of the competitors with this particular certification and they will also be having the right kind of skills and knowledge in the field of project management and will get handsomely paid in the industry.

On the other hand with the help of agile certification, the individuals will be able to gain has their knowledge about the project managers and will be able to boost their calibre as a project manager that will help in increasing their chances of promotion and pay.




Both of these certifications have their own benefits and depending upon PMP certification Delhi or agile certification will always be dependent upon the will of the individuals.



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