Power BI received a couple of interesting updates last month with respect to its usage within other Microsoft applications. First, organization apps chart sharing was introduced as an update for the data analytics service’s integration with PowerPoint. Then, Power BI in Teams received multitasking updates that made it easier for users who had to make multiple context switches from and within their Teams app throughout the day.

Today, Power BI Mobile users have received a new update for the mobile app, with support for datasets finally being introduced.

Through utilizing this feature, dataset owners can now manage datasets through the mobile variant of the data analytics platform. This would help them not only address failures on the go, but also ensure that users can get quick access to the freshest data in their reports.



Accessing datasets can be done in the app by employing the following steps:

Go to a workspace and select the “Dataset” pill at the top. You will see the list of datasets you can access in that workspace.
Tap on a dataset to see its metadata, such as name, owner, sensitivity label, and latest refresh status. You can also see the latest refresh time and the next refresh schedule of the dataset.
Tap the “Refresh now” button to trigger a manual dataset refresh. This will update the data in the dataset and the reports that use it.
If another user already triggered a refresh, the button will be disabled and indicate that a refresh is in progress.
Moreover, if scheduled refreshes fail, push notifications will be sent to users and prompt them to refresh the relevant dataset again. Notably, users that were defined as mail recipients by the dataset owner in the dataset configurations are those who will receive the push notifications automatically as well.

To get access to the latest enhancement, the updated version of the app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.


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