Fans of developer Rare’s Xbox and PC pirate game Sea of Thieves got some bad news today. Rare announced that the Season 10 content for the game would be pushed back from a planned launch sometime in July to October 19.

In a blog post, Rare stated the reasons for the delay:

These types of foundational releases are challenging to make, as we have to ensure they interact with all the existing systems in the game. One such challenge has been the Season Ten headline feature, which we’ve already talked about as something that we’ve found tougher than anticipated to pull together – especially to the quality bar we’re striving to meet.

Season 9 of Sea of Thieves launched back in March, and Rare admitted today that the delay of Season 10 means there will be a very long gap between seasons. However, that doesn’t mean there will not be any new content between now and October 19.

Earlier this month, the first of three mini-campaigns launched for Sea of Thieves crossover with the universe of the classic adventure game The Legend of Monkey Island. The other two parts will be launched in August and September. The blog post added:

August and September also have a solid line-up of shenanigans, with a Gold & Glory Weekend kicking things off from August 4th-7th. Legends Week will then be returning after its inaugural event last year, with new things to do and earn for both Legends and Legends-to-be. A special Community Weekend with an exciting new flavour is scheduled for September too.

Finally, since Season 10 has been delayed, Rare has decided to add plans for new headline features originally planned for Season 11 into the second month of Season 10. Rare says it is also working on its 2024 plans “including some important designs on refreshing the Sea of Thieves sandbox.”


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