Razer has announced the launch of an Xbox Edition of its Kishi V2 mobile gaming controller. The new version of the smartphone game controller comes in both iPhone and Android versions and incorporates Xbox branding and features. The Android edition is actually a version of the upgraded Kishi V2 Pro controller, with more advanced HyperSense Haptics for its buttons and triggers.

The Kishi V2 Xbox Editions features a white color scheme with green accents to match the Xbox theme. According to Razer, the controller’s analog triggers and buttons have been enhanced for improved precision and control for Xbox gaming. The design has also been updated for better ergonomics.

The V2 Xboxcontroller has dual thumbsticks, with one on the left above the D-pad and one on the right below the X/Y/A/B buttons. The thumbsticks are surrounded by other smaller buttons, including one with an Xbox logo button.

This button turns the controller on and launches Game Pass. Razer emphasizes that the controller is optimized for low-latency gaming when streaming Xbox games from the cloud via Game Pass.



While tailored for Xbox, this version of the Kishi V2 still works with smartphone games, PC games, and more through Razer’s Nexus app. The app provides a virtual controller mode that allows you to customize the button mapping to match the layout of a particular game.

The Razer Kishi V2 Pro Xbox Edition for Android also adds a headphone jack and haptic feedback tied to Xbox profiles.

The controllers connect to Android and iPhone devices via direct USB-C or Lightning.

The Xbox version of the Kishi V2 Pro costs $149.99 for Android smartphones on Amazon and $119.99 for the standard Kishi V2 iPhone Xbox version., When you buy either version, you also get one free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which offers streaming of over 100 games on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud gaming service, among other things.


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