One of the biggest surprises for first-person shooter gamers in 2023 was the launch of RoboCop: Rogue City. The game from developer Teyon turned out not to be the typically awful movie-based game but was actually an entertaining single-player FPS with some RPG elements. It also was an excellent continuation of the overall RoboCop universe, as Rogue City was clearly made with respect to the original source material.

Today, Teyon released a new free update for RoboCop: Rogue City for PC via Steam. It will also be available on Tuesday for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions. The free content update adds a New Game Plus mode for people who have already completed the campaign.

The New Game Plus mode will allow players to keep all of RoboCop’s Auto-9 firearm upgrades and all of the character skills they have saved for Officer Alex Murphy during their first run of the campaign. They can then use all those weapons and upgrades when they play through the single-player storyline again. Teyon states:

To unlock the mode, just finish the game after the update is applied — this can be done by reloading a save made just before completing the game. Once done, a new save file will be created, and loading it will grant you access to NG+!

You will also be able to unlock a gold-colored version of the Auto-9 as part of the Game Plus mode. In addition, the game received a new difficulty level called “There Will be Trouble.” The enemies in the game will be even deadlier when this level is used. The update also adds some Auto-9 Chips and Boards, and a few bug fixes are included.

The Steam edition is currently discounted by 30 percent until January 27, so if you have been curious about RoboCop: Rogue City, now might be a good time to see what the buzz is about.


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