As the number of online casinos in the world increases, so are online scams. Whether you’re playing slots or poker, it’s in your best interest to protect yourself while gambling online.

The first step of staying safe from cybercriminals is to choose a safe and trustworthy casino. Take time to find the right operator for you. But if you’re in a hurry and want to know the best online casino in 2022, check out Koi casino. It’s safe, licensed and endowed with loads of bonuses and quality games.

With that in mind, we’ll break down the steps you can take to stay safe while finding an online casino in this guide. Let’s get started.

1—Install an Antivirus Program

An antivirus program does more than protect you from computer viruses. It also stops malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and adware. Basically, an antivirus program can protect you from a wide range of online threats.

You need all the protection you can afford while looking for online casinos. That’s because there are plenty of fraudsters out there who target casino players. The first threat is adware.

When you make an online search about casino sites, you will likely discover tons of ads related to online gambling. That’s alright. But these ads can be a nightmare to get rid of.

Another big threat is malware. In your search for an online casino, you will come across dozens of fake casinos. These sites are hotspots for malware designed to corrupt and steal your data.

2—Get a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) work so well with antiviruses. Anti-malware programs look out for online threats that could corrupt or steal your data. A VPN, on the other hand, can keep your identity hidden to protect you from hackers, adware and scammers.

A VPN could also help you discover great casino deals. Think about it. Online businesses offer different deals depending on where you live. By using a VPN, you could switch to a location that attracts the best casino bonuses.

VPNs come in two types: Free and paid. Free VPNs are great for first-time users. If you want real protection, though, you may need a paid VPN. Of course, this works out great if you plan to use your VPN regularly.

To expound more, you can use a VPN to find good shopping and travel deals. You can also use it to bypass Geo restrictions to stream Netflix and sports.

3—Learn Your Country’s Gambling Laws

Some countries are incredibly strict about online gambling. Not only do they prohibit casino gaming, but they could fine or jail anyone who breaks their rules. Due to this, you want to be certain that you live in a place that tolerates online casinos.

A growing number of countries now support online gambling. They allow and regulate online casinos. Or they don’t regulate casinos but allow their citizens to bet at foreign casino sites.

Knowing your country’s gambling laws can also help you know the casinos to join. For example, someone from the UK should go after a casino licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

If you live in Canada, you may not find a good locally licensed casino. But you can register an account at a Malta-based casino. In some countries with strict gambling rules, you can still gamble online using a VPN. But you would also need to find an appropriate payment provider.

4—Use a Reliable Payment Provider

Most people don’t appreciate the need for a good casino payment provider until they experience banking troubles. Yes, that new payment app you discovered a few days ago offers free deposits.

But can it give you a refund if you deposit money to a scam? This is where choosing a reliable payment provider makes a difference. A good banking provider will come to your help if you get scammed or lose your login credentials.

Another benefit of choosing a trustworthy payment company is the peace of mind. When you deposit money, it gets into your casino account fast. If you request a withdrawal, you can be certain you will receive it.

With that in mind, different payment companies have varying benefits and drawbacks. Before you choose Visa or PayPal, ensure you weigh their benefits and disadvantages. Compare their payment speeds, limits, fees and ease of use.

5—Look at Security Features

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most common indicators of a genuine casino is a license. Many licensed casinos must provide meet high-security standards before they can operate.

For example, they have to secure their websites through SSL encryption. SSL encrypts your data to keep it safe from hackers. Encrypted sites are easy to identity. They have URL addresses that start with HTTPS and not HTTP.

Besides SSL encryption, choose a casino that lets you secure your account with a strong password. Also, you can use Two-Factor Authentication and a special code for cash withdrawals.

6—Read Terms and Conditions

We know—no one reads terms and conditions anymore. We just tick the ‘I Agree’ check box and move on. Although skipping terms and conditions can save you time, it could cost you money and data while dealing with online casinos.

When gambling, make a point to read crucial terms and conditions. Start by reading the general terms. Pay attention to the casino’s security measures. Look at its banking policies and bonus terms.

Many are times people lose money to casinos because they didn’t read terms and conditions. Find out if you can withdraw a huge jackpot won within the first three months as a customer.

When it comes to bonuses, know the wager requirements. Discover the withdrawal limit and the validity period. Use a casino’s bonuses and play its games only after you’ve understood its terms.


In this age of scams and hacks, it is essential to stay safe while on the Internet. Install an antivirus and a VPN to protect you from hackers, malware and phishing scams.

If you’re looking for an online casino, pay attention to its terms and conditions. Join a casino with fair terms. Use a reliable payment method for banking and have fun.





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