Yesterday, Samsung announced Gauss, the company’s first generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) language model. On the heels of that announcement, the company has now announced a whole suite of tools and features that are coming soon to smartphones.

In a blog post today, Samsung announced Galaxy AI, its version of a ChatGPT like system that will allow users to perform a host of tasks with ease. Samsung says its AI “puts the power of openness in the palm of your hand” and offers “barrier-free communication, to simplified productivity, to unconstrained creativity”.

The company also notes that Galaxy AI will be a comprehensive AI experience powered by both on-device and in-cloud processing for a greater experience. Furthermore, the company says that Galaxy AI will “transform your everyday mobile experience with the peace of mind you count on from Galaxy security and privacy”.

Wonjoon Choi, EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung said:

Mobile technology has an incredible power to enable connection, productivity, creativity and more for people around the world, but until now, we haven’t seen mobile AI ignite that in truly meaningful ways. Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligence offering to date, and it will change how we think about our phones forever.

While Samsung did not delve too much into the details, it did offer a glimpse into Galaxy AI with AI Live Translate Call. The feature will be baked into the smartphone and will provide live translations on calls. Samsung says the feature will be as simple as turning on closed captions while watching movies and will provide real time translations.

AI Live Translate Call will soon give users with the latest Galaxy AI phone a personal translator whenever they need it. Because it’s integrated into the native call feature, the hassle of having to use third-party apps is gone.

Samsung is planning to showcase the Galaxy AI next year. The Korean giant did not provide any timelines but it is safe to assume that Galaxy AI may make a debut along with Galaxy S24 series early next year.


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