Samsung announced today that it has launched a Digital Service Center in India in an attempt to improve the aftersales experience for its customers. The digital portal allows users to get personalized online support for Galaxy smartphones, Freestyle projector, and other Samsung products once they log in to their Samsung account, the company said.

Customers can use the portal to locate physical service centers, book priority service repairs, check warranty status, schedule pick & drop service, and track the status of device repairs. The portal has a dedicated section where users can find model-specific spare part prices and repair costs. For instance, it can tell you how much a motherboard or display for a Galaxy S23+ will cost along with the labour charges.



Apart from that, users can fix various common issues on their own using the self-help content and DIY videos that are available on the portal. Customers can also request remote assistance and visual support through the digital service center if they are not able to fix the problem.

“The Digital Service Center is a step towards simplifying post-purchase services and providing personalized support to our consumers. We understand that to fully empower consumers, they need to be offered easy access to a digitalized ecosystem,” said Sunil Cutinha, VP of Customer Service, Samsung India.

The new portal builds on top of an existing service called Smart Touch Call that the company rolled out in 2021. It was meant to replace traditional IVR service calls with a visual interface allowing users to do many things that are also offered by the Digital Service Center.

However, it is different from the Self-Repair program the company offers in several countries which allows users to do hardware repairs on their own. Samsung has partnered with the online repair platform iFixit, where users can find spare parts and repair manuals for their devices.


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