Maintaining multiple social networks can be extremely difficult. Especially if your income depends on it. Or if for you your channels are your whole life. In this case, it will be extremely convenient to use third-party help.

But does anyone have to pay? Giving half of all the money just to help you manage your social networks? Relax! We will tell you what a content planner is. And also where to find free content planner.

Let’s talk business

Content planners are different. From those that just let you create your own schedule to those that will publish certain posts instead of you and help you “customize” them to the unique conditions of various social networks. After all, the posts for Twitter and Facebook will not be the same due to the fact that these social networks use different image sizes and have different character limits for the post.

A good content planner will help you:

  • Save your time. You only need to prepare a series of posts.
  • Increase audience reach. You can interact with your Twitter followers knowing that Instagram followers will also get their share of attention in the form of a few posts. Feel like Julius Caesar!
  • Post regularly. Having developed a marketing plan, you can regularly post the necessary posts without spending time on them. Instead, you can do something more important.

And you don’t have to pay for all this! Perhaps you think it’s impossible?

Everything is possible with Vista Create

Let’s consider a case using Vista Create as an example. It is one of the largest online content editors in the world. You can not only create unique and beautiful posts for all known social networks, but also plan how they will be fast!

It looks something like this:

  1. Choose a theme for your post. There are a huge number of them, and new ones are regularly added. In which case, you can create a template yourself.
  2. Create your unique post. To do this, you can use a ready-made template, create your own, or make each post 100% unique. Yes, it is much longer – but if you enjoy it, who will stop you?
  3. Consider a schedule. Where and when should your posts be published? Make a schedule.
  4. Everything is ready! After scheduling, click “Post”, select the desired social networks and accounts (all your data is safe) and the program will solve all the problems for you. If you plan to post to different social networks, you can also use a special utility. It will adjust the size of the pictures and the posts themselves to the unique requirements of each social network.

That’s all! And as you can see, everything is absolutely simple and free. Should I trust such a resource? We cannot order you. Read the reviews, try it yourself and decide. Well, our editors wish you creative success and millions of followers!



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