ServiceNow is one of the cloud-based platforms for IT service management that is seeing tremendous growth. The ServiceNow platform supports a wide variety of application types. Therefore, testing is naturally brought into the picture, whether software development or customization. This is done since the quality of any delivery should be high, regardless of whether it is software or some other product. First, let’s look at the software testing, and then we’ll move on to the ServiceNow Testing.


What is ServiceNow Testing?


ServiceNow is an IT service management platform that is hosted in the cloud. ServiceNow Testing is essentially the process of conducting tests on ServiceNow Applications to ensure that the product does not include any bugs and that its functions are operating as anticipated.


The ServiceNow Platform includes a wide variety of applications, including the ServiceNow ITSM application (which includes features such as Problem Management, ServiceNow Incident Management, and Change Management), the ServiceNow ITBM application (which includes features such as Project Portfolio Management), and the ServiceNow ITOM application (event management etc.)


The following are the two forms of ServiceNow testing that may be carried out on applications developed by ServiceNow:


⦁        Manual Testing:

In this step of the software testing process, the functionality of an application is evaluated from the point of view of end users. In this kind of assessment, manual involvement is obligatory. A professional in software testing will start by manually running the test cases they have created, which were derived from the requirements. He will perform the necessary functionality and check whether it is functioning as planned.


Therefore, a software tester does not need an extensive grasp of technical concepts to do manual testing.


⦁        Automation Testing:

In this step of the testing process, a qualified software tester uses an automation tool to test the functioning of an application. The automation tool may be Selenium, Silk Test, QTP, RFT, or any similar program. It is essential for software professionals to have technical expertise while doing automation testing since a software tester has to be able to design automated test scripts and execute automation testing themselves, both of which need an understanding of the programming language.




Why ServiceNow?

ServiceNow provides a single data model enterprise cloud platform, which means that each client receives their copy of ServiceNow in the cloud, sometimes referred to as an instance of ServiceNow. Since they are seldom constructed in the same manner, every company has its own unique instance of ServiceNow.


In addition, companies themselves grow and develop over time, just as their ServiceNow instance does. Instances are constantly altered or upgraded so that the platform can keep up with the company’s needs.


While talking about software testing, it is commonly known that each modification made to a program, regardless of how small, has the potential to influence the application’s functionality. Because of this, an organization’s instance’s functioning must be evaluated whenever anything inside that instance is modified.


However, this is just the beginning since regular updates from ServiceNow will result in the exact requirement: more testing to ensure that the update from ServiceNow does not disrupt any of your mission-critical business operations. ServiceNow makes new updates, including bug fixes and functional and performance changes, available twice a year. You are responsible for minimizing any potential risks posed to the instance of your own company each time an upgrade is released.


How much testing is required?

You should anticipate doing a significant amount of ServiceNow Testing, which raises the following question: should it be done manually or automated?


Manually doing regression tests might take up to a week or more. When we compare this time to the amount of time we would spend correcting the instance’s bugs, we see that this is a significant amount of time. Think about how long it would take to manually fill out forms in your ServiceNow instance to test whether they are functioning as expected.


Because of this, many companies do not update or modify their instance to the extent they can. They decide to focus on the existing approach and not include any new functionality that might be of use to users as well as procedures.


Bottom Line –


To summarize, manual testing requires excessive time and money, and since the procedure is subject to human mistakes, it can’t assure 100% accuracy.


These tests are carried out by a computer or a robot whenever we use test automation in ServiceNow. This speeds up the process and decreases the number of human mistakes that may occur, guaranteeing that business-critical operations execute as planned.


Be aware that even while automation technologies give you the power to automate every test, you probably shouldn’t. Exploratory tests are one kind of test that does not lend itself well to automation. Therefore, the finest options involve repeated and necessary testing to guarantee the highest possible level of performance from your instance.


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