PowerPoint has been around for over a decade now. For decades, presentations have been restricted to conventional corporate board meetings. However, not anymore! As we transition into the new digital era, PowerPoint is no longer merely a collection of slides. Today, companies of all scales are leveraging PowerPoint presentations to interact with customers, investors, stakeholders to sell ideas & products. 


Transitioning from a medium to demonstrate or lecture the audience about a subject matter, presentations today are used to influence, inspire, motivate and build goodwill with the viewers. An informative, visually appealing, and connecting business presentation can help you encompass a professional appeal, get a hold of your audiences’ attention and get your message across the room.


What is SlideModel?

SlideModel is one of the most famous & biggest providers of ready-to-use engaging PowerPoint templates on the internet. The platform is a go-to presentation resource for thousands of presentation creators around the world. SlideModel lets you create captivating, eye-catching, and powerful presentations that entice your audience on a whole different level. With SlideModel, you can unlock your access to thousands of corporate-grade templates. 


As a presenter, all you have to focus on is content. You can craft compelling content and ingest the same in the slide’s placeholders. SlideModel templates are constantly updated, aligning with current market trends and needs. You can find a generous range of templates for professional use cases such as Business, Sales, Marketing, Education, etc. SlideModel allows the creator inside of you to get creative, play around with different slide designs and create compelling presentations without worrying about the design & aesthetics.


Let’s move ahead and explore state-of-the-art features of


Business Friendly Templates:

SlideModel makes it easy for you to create and deliver business presentations through its non-exhaustive collection of business-friendly templates. There is no denying that creating business timelines & roadmaps consume a lot of corporate employee’s time. With SlideModel, not only do you have the ability to express the business data and details in a detailed fashion, but you can also save huge on time and presentation creation effort.


You can choose any template from the likes of Mission & Vision, Shopify Store Proposal, 5-Step Marketing Funnel, Sales Process Funnel, Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas, and thousands of more to create your next perfect presentation. Leverage the stunning graphics, 3D vector designs and fascinate your audience with multiple layers of engagement.


100% Customization:

SlideModel brings aboard the much-needed customization in the slides. Presenters can simply download their favorite template and start customizing it to the core. Slide elements such as background, color, icons, diagrams, shapes, or typography are fully editable. With added customization, presenters can design the presentations specifically for the audience and avoid going in with the same set of slides every time.


Moreover, employees can attune the slides better and bring the presentation slides closer to the branding guidelines. Hence, you can make your slides look enthralling while encompassing a higher degree of integrity. Since one size doesn’t fit all, the same goes for your presentations too. SlideModel templates let you edit the slides as per your liking.


Cross-Platform Compatibility:

SlideModel readymade templates are highly compatible with popular presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple Keynote, and more. Be in an offline or online presentation platform, you can use SlideModel templates without having to worry about the layout and design. 


The platform offers a plethora of Google Slides presentations templates that you can download, add to Google Slides, and start collaborating with your peers remotely. Regardless of the platform, presenters can enjoy the lucrative template design while preserving the real essence of the slide design. 


Data-Driven Dashboards, Charts & Infographics:

Often presenters overwhelm the audience with slides cluttered with raw, analytical data. Well, you should note that this can lead to the popular presentation phenomenon ‘Death by PowerPoint’. SlideModel helps you present information in a visually rich and appealing fashion. The templates come pre-packed with out-of-the-box data dashboards, charts, graphs, infographics & other visual imagery.


You can use visual aids to track, analyze and display key pieces of information and data points. Presenters can provide a bird’s eye view of the data to the audience without setting them off track. You can make it easier for your audience to scrape through the data with the help of a multitude of visuals while transforming complex data into digestive & rememberable pieces of information.


Wrapping It Up:


SlideModel emerges as an exigent resource for your presentation needs, thanks to thousands of pixel-perfect & intuitive templates, business-friendly design, editable slide elements & compatibility. In a very minimal time, you can create presentations that have the potential to woo the audience and initiate a call-to-action.


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