People like playing online slots, but the element of slots they seem to love most are the progressive slots at which have come together to give a completely new technique of playing these gaming systems. They are not something everyone is going to want to play as they cost a little more when it concerns minimum bets, but they’re still very popular, and this is apt to be because of the prizes.

The big prizes on offer can generally be an excellent motivator to start actively playing these progressive slots. Because the games required are connected and the jackpots increased whenever somebody does not win, you’re able to practically see the totals climbing as you play; it’s easy for it to be up in the millions. If this sounds like the game type you would like to play, the following are several of the very best games to get going with.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is actually by NetEnt, and it is a fantastic game to play even without the potential of winning a life altering jackpot. Nevertheless, the fact that the vast majority of people remember about Mega Fortune was when, in 2013, it paid out €17,861,813. At the time, this was a world record for being the largest payout in slots. Not very long after, in 2015, Mega Moolah did one better with a whopping €17,879,645, but whichever manner you consider it, Mega Fortune definitely lives up to its name.

Age Of Gods

Age of the Gods is produced by Playtech, and though it’s not up there together with other slots for creating millionaires, it has come very close on a variety of different occasions. You will find an assortment of activities in the Age Of Gods toolbox, and they are linked for the progressive jackpot, which implies there are really a lot more players to help the prize fund. These games are: the initial Age of Gods, Furious Four, King of Olympus, Prince of Olympus, Goddess of Wisdom, and God of Storms. The jackpot is provided randomly in the bonus round, that means you won’t win big by simply playing on the common reels.

Mega Moolah

Many people believe that Mega Moolah is in fact the supreme in progressive slots, and they might well be right. This is a game by Microgaming, and though it is comparable to Mega Fortune in many ways, many really prefer Mega Moolah – it is a lot more enjoyable. The very best aspect of Mega Moolah compared to other games is the fact that players don’t need to play with a minimum bet requirement. This can make Mega Moolah a cheap game to enjoy in comparison to numerous others. Additionally, since the game is less costly, your budget will go further and you will have a great deal more chance of winning.


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