Generative AI art creators like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Bing Image Creator have become popular ways for anyone to make artwork with just a few text prompts. Today, Snapchat announced a similar feature for its mobile apps that can turn normal selfies into animated artwork.

The new feature is called Dreams, and it will allow people to transform simple selfie images of themselves into all sorts of different characters and scenes.

Snapchat’s blog post states:

To start, the feature lets you use your own face to create up to eight of these Generated AI selfies–and soon, because we know Snapchatters love bringing their friends into the equation, Dreams can feature you and any friend who has also opted in.

To get started, head to Memories, where there’s a new tab for Dreams. With a few selfies, you can create a personalized Generative AI model and start checking out your Dreams.

The first eight of these Dreams AI-generated images are free for Snapchat users. After that, they can only make more of them with an in-app purchase. Snapchat is yet to reveal the prices for these extra images.

Snapchat has just started rolling out Dreams to its users in Australia and New Zealand. It says it should be available worldwide in a few weeks.

This is not the first use of AI features in the Snapchat app. In February, it announced that subscribers to its Snapchat+ service could access a GPT-based AI chatbot called My AI, By the way, Snapchat+ currently has over 4 million subscribers who pay $3.99 a month for the service.

More recently, Snapchat announced it was adding support for the popular Linktree link-sharing service to users with public profiles. In turn, Linktree added links to Snapchat as one of its link-sharing destinations so people with a Snapchat account can quickly add that link to their Linktree site.


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