Spotify has been around for a long time now and in that time other rivals have entered the area, namely YouTube Music with its inclusion of music videos. Now, Spotify wants music videos in its app too and is in talks with partners to deliver this, Bloomberg has reported.

The music streaming app already contains some visuals through canvases that musicians can upload. They are looping GIFs that last up to 10 seconds but that’s still nowhere near as engaging as a full-length music video.

Earlier this year, the company introduced Clips, a short-form video feature that allows artists to better connect with fans. While this is definitely a great feature for connecting with audiences, it still does not fill the gap of full-length music videos.

Recognizing the gap in its offering, the company is now talking with its partners about bringing full-length music videos to the platform. The information was disclosed to Bloomberg by anonymous sources who were not at liberty to discuss the issue publicly because talks are still ongoing.

When asked for comment, Spotify denied to confirm the rumours. While it’s likely true that talks are underway, the company won’t want to say anything publicly in case it jeopardizes the talks or if they fall through for any reason.

What’s not clear from the reporting is whether the music videos will come to the desktop and web apps or whether they’re only intended for mobile users. YouTube Music offers music videos on both its website and mobile app, so it’s likely that Spotify will aim at doing the same.

Earlier this month, Neowin reported that Spotify was looking to launch a new tier called Spotify HiFi. Perhaps the company will launch music videos on particular tiers to save money on bandwidth costs. Hopefully, we’ll hear more soon.


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