The Early Access release of Starfield on Thursday evening has exposed some serious issues with running this long-awaited RPG on PCs with Intel’s ARC GPUs. states there have been online reports of Intel Arc owners not being able to launch the game at all, while other have reported long load times. Still others have stated they have gotten the game to start running, only to crash several minutes later.

Our own check online for Starfield issues with Intel Arc GPUs has uncovered similar reports of the game crashing. That includes this X (formerly Twitter) post from Gabe Gilliam, who says he got the game to run with “seizure inducing flashing of broken shaders” before it crashed.

Just before the game’s Early Access launch on Thursday evening, the Intel Graphics X account posted a message stating that the team was aware of these issues, and added, “We are working to improve the experience for the game’s general release next week.”

Starfield’s developer Bethesda Game Studios announced earlier this year a partnership with AMD to have the game work well on its Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs. Some people speculated that the deal included a ban on the game using NVIDIA’s DLSS technology for its GeForce GPUs. However, AMD stated last week that was not the case and that Bethesda can put in that technology with AMD’s full support.


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