The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality (MR) headset won’t go on sale for at least a few more months. However, a new report claims that some people who have worn it have experienced neck strain due to the device’s size and weight.

Apple leaker Mark Gurman, in his Power One newsletter from Bloomberg, reported on this issue with early users, via unnamed sources. He stated:

It currently weighs about a pound, and testing has shown that it can feel too heavy for some users — even in short stretches. Apple is considering addressing this on the first model with an over-the-head strap, but making the hardware lighter is a better long-term solution.

That’s not a good sign for a product that already has a huge stumbling block, that being its $3,499 launch price tag. It’s scheduled to go on sale sometime in early 2024.

Gurman writes that Apple’s Vision Products Group has already moved on from the Vision Pro and is working on next-generation mixed-reality headsets. The team is looking at making a lower-priced version of the device along with a true next-gen headset with more powerful hardware.



The newsletter also has some news on Meta’s plans for its mixed reality future. It will start shipping its new Meta Quest 3 headsets this week for the starting price of $499.99. Gurman claims Meta is looking into ways of cutting that price down in the future, including shipping the headset without any hand controllers. Owners would have to use hand gestures while wearing the headset.

Meta is also reportedly planning on releasing new glasses made by Ray Ban later in October, which will allow owners to take photos and video with those lenses, along with the ability to take phone calls and listen to music

Gurman says Meta is working on a true AR glasses product that will display things like texts and map directions. That product isn’t slated to launch until 2025 at the earliest.


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