Sports and gaming are two aspects of life that every person can enjoy and with there being plenty of sporting adaptations brought into the gaming industry it’s time to look at the very best and most popular titles that are available to players.

Some honorable mentions include the latest Madden 22 release, UFC 4 and Football Manager 2021.


FIFA 21/22

Fans of football/soccer can be treated to a variety of competitive modes and interactive gameplay from the long withstanding FIFA series. Full licensing of all major players, teams, leagues and stadiums make FIFA one of the most popular games in the sporting industry for the world’s most played sport.


With FIFA Ultimate Team being the title’s most distinguishable feature, that includes a competitive weekend league play and full customization of a player’s club and squad, EA Sports is continuously providing more content on a near daily basis to keep players entertained.


Career Mode is also a prominent feature on FIFA as players can become a manager or take control of an individual player. In addition, Pro Clubs also remains a very well received mode with friends being able to connect and design their own clubs whilst playing in online matches together in what can amount to endless hours of fun and progression throughout the divisions.


NBA 2K22

The NBA 2K series has provided fans with a true representation of the sport of basketball and the various degrees of difficulties that it takes to become an NBA star. 2K always provides an excellent ‘MyCareer’ mode with a gripping opening story fit with cutscenes and dialogue options.


Players also have an endless array of customizable options and animations including some ever-so satisfying contact dunks that will make you feel that you’re second coming of Jordan himself.


The 2K Neighborhood has now transformed into an entire city where you can link up with your friends or others online, continue to customize your player and their build as well as being able to raise your REP for even greater rewards.


With the in-depth ‘MyLeague’ and ‘MyTeam’ also available, as well as the esteemed GM mode, players can enjoy hours of pure pleasure with both friends on the courts in the neighborhood, or by posturizing any hapless NBA stars.



NHL 21/22

Before the NHL betting season begins, and with that the release of NHL 22, Hockey fans can continue to enjoy the content provided with NHL 21 ahead of the upcoming season.


While players may crave a more realistic feel of the sport they tune into on a regular basis, NHL 21 has provided players with an improved Be a Pro mode. With a wider skill tree and informative dialogue options, it’s a mode that fans of the popular franchise have been craving for years.


It remains satisfying to break down an opposing defense and with an improved goalie AI even the very best offensive stars will need to be mindful of their option when speeding towards the net.


With the NHL being one of the countries top sporting leagues, fans can continue to tune to take control of their favorite names in a riveting experience.


Forza Horizon 4

As fans of the Forza series gear up for the upcoming release of Forza Horizon 5, long-time fans of the popular racing series can continue to take in the sheer excellence that the fourth instalment has to offer.


The Forza games have always been merited greatly for their slick driving mechanics, exemplary content and above all else a true insight into astounding map design as Forza Horizon 4 takes players across the UK with the best landscape and environment graphics that the series has ever provided.


Despite some strange moments of the North-West of England actually having an array of sunshine in certain levels, Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best racing games ever produced as fans eagerly await the next instalment of Forza Horizon 5 which releases on the 9th of November and looks to be taking place in the province of Mexico.


Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Remake)

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater games became a mainstay in the gaming landscape during their releases in 1999 and 2000. The nostalgia continues to run through fans of the original titles to this day and with many craving a potential remaster we have finally got what we all wanted.


After a year since its release, the remake is everything fans wanted and more, earning the plaudits of older and younger audiences as well as renowned reviewers bringing everyone together to enjoy a true blast from the past.


Even after a such a wholesome remake, fans will still be hoping for more from the legendary franchise with another new title certainly being top of the list.


As long as fans can forget about the disastrous release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 then there is nothing to worry about for another major title to be added to the prestige and overlapping qualities that the original titles have provided.


While we wait to hear about a new game added to the franchise, this immaculate remake will happily suffice and keep fans geared up for an anticipated announcement of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 6.


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