Back in September 2021, Microsoft acquired the startup company Clipchamp. The business had launched a cloud-based video editing tool, also called Clipchamp, that was designed to make it easy for anyone to edit professional-looking videos.

Since then, Microsoft has added access to Clipchamp to a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription. Today, the company announced it is expanding its access to Microsoft 365 commercial users as well.

Specifically, the video editing tool will be made available to Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, and Microsoft Business Premium customers. Support will be added by the end of August. The new feature will not be added to any Office 365 plans.

In a blog post, Microsoft described how Microsoft 365 commercial users could utilize Clipchamp in their various apps:

The videos you export from Clipchamp can be shared through Microsoft Stream, embedded and played in Microsoft Teams, in emails with Outlook, and on Microsoft Viva Engage, seamlessly modernizing your workflows. Whether it’s sharing how-to videos with colleagues directly in the cloud from OneDrive or showing off a product demo to clients with a video in PowerPoint, save time and resources by enhancing your work through video.

Users can quickly access the drag and drop features in Clipchamp to import and trim videos, Hey can also get rid of any unwanted gaps in the footage. In addition, the editor can let users speed up or slow down parts of the video, access filters, effects and text overlays, and insert transitions.

The Microsoft 365 commercial release of Clipchamp will reach the users or tenants who have decided to opt into the Targeted release updates. There’s no word on when everyone else will get the video editing tool. The blog post added, “This is just the beginning of the journey for Clipchamp, with much more planned for the future.”


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