Almost the entire source code for Far Cry, the 2004 first-person shooter from developer Crytek and publisher Ubisoft, has been leaked on the internet. It was first posted late on Friday on and has since been uploaded to other sites.

Eurogamer reports that, according to some users who have downloaded the leaked source code, it lacks some content, including the Far Cry game assets. However, TechRadar reports that other users have been able to compile and run the game with some work, and by getting the assets from an actual copy of the game. There’s no word on who uploaded the source code, and so far publisher Ubisoft has yet to make an official statement about this leak.

Far Cry was developer Crytek’s first published commercial game, with the first version of its CryEngine. The developer previously worked on an engine tech demo called X-Isle: Dinosaur Island and showed it to NVIDIA in 1999.

The graphics chip maker shipped a version of X-Isle as a benchmarking tool for its GeForce GPUs in 2000. The demo also got Ubisoft’s attention, and Crytek signed a contract with the publisher to make a game based loosely on that demo, which turned into Far Cry.

When the game was released as a PC exclusive it was a critical and sales hit, thanks in part to the CryEngine’s ability to create large outdoor environments and its detailed graphics.

Ubisoft decided to buy the Far Cry IP from Crytek. It continued the series with a forked version of CryEngine 1 that eventually evolved into the in-house Dunia engine that’s been used in all of the subsequent Far Cry games, along with other Ubisoft titles.

Crytek went on to develop the Crysis first-person shooter series for publisher EA with new versions of CryEngine, and eventually let other developers use it under license. It also used the engine for non-Crysis games like Warface, the Xbox One launch game Ryse: Son of Rome for publisher Microsoft, and most recently Hunt: Showdown. A fourth game in the Crysis series is in the works.


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