As part of today’s Minecraft Live event, developer Mojang Studios and publisher Microsoft announced plans for the next major update for the sandbox game. The 1.21 Vanilla update will include these features:

The Crafter. For the first time, automated crafting is coming to Minecraft. A new feature that will be of particular interest for redstone engineers, the Crafter also includes a unique intuitive UI to help players new to redstone understand the feature’s mechanics. This intuitive UI introduces toggleable slots to the crafting grid meaning if an empty slot is clicked with an empty hand, the slot becomes disabled. If a disabled slot is clicked, it becomes enabled to define your crafting recipe.

Trial chambers. Procedurally generated structures underground, the trials chambers present a unique challenge (including a new hostile mob!) for players to overcome. The combat trial chambers are generated using new copper block sets, Tuff block sets and copper bulbs.

Copper Bulb. These new light-emitting blocks are made from copper and like other Copper blocks, can oxidize over time, be waxed, and scraped with an axe. The light level it emits depends on the oxidation stage – the more oxidized it is the dimmer it becomes!

Trial Spawner. This new type of spawner will not spawn additional mobs for an extended period after it has spawned a specified target count of mobs, different than standard mob spawners. The spawner also rewards players by ejecting its loot. Trial Spawners will adjust some of their parameters dynamically based on how many players are nearby.

The Breeze. The newest hostile mob added to Minecraft, the Breeze is found in the Combat Trial Chambers, a challenge for players braving the chambers. The Breeze moves by jumping and shoots projectiles of wind energy that explode on impact, like how Blazes shoot fireballs. If it collides with a player or entity, it explodes immediately. These explosions cover a blast radius of a few cubic blocks, deal a small amount of damage, and knock back all entities in the area. They have a new particle indicating what’s happening, differentiating it from a typical damage explosion.

Agnes Larsson, the Vanilla Minecraft Game Director, stated:

We’re excited to see our community’s reaction to the new features announced at Minecraft Live. This update is a precious mix of exciting adventures, combat trials and tinkering – we believe it adds something delightful for lots of different kinds of play styles! Long-term we want to evolve Minecraft for every play style and we’re looking forward to continue creating update 1.21 together with our community.

The Minecraft Vanilla 1.21 update is due out sometime in mid-2024


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